Seasonal Weights

Spring Road Restrictions (SRR)

Spring Road Restrictions are in effect during the spring thaw to protect the infrastructure. The restrictions are based on a percentage loading formula, and the start and end dates are determined by a thaw index factor.

Start and end dates may be different in each climatic zone and will not exceed 56 days in duration. Certain commodities are considered essential, and may be allowed some exemptions.

Winter Seasonal Weights (WSW)

The purpose of the WSW program is to allow higher than normal weights on Manitoba highways and roads during the winter season when the roadbed is in a frozen condition. The WSW allows for up to a 10% increase in maximum gross axle weights specified by highway class.

The WSW program usually starts in December and ends in February. Start and end dates may be different in each climatic zone.

Winter Roads

Winter road systems are temporary routes that are dependent on the annual freeze-thaw. Manitoba has an extensive network of these winter roads that allow access to and from remote northern communities.