Traffic Signal Construction Details

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Name Descriptions
E-000a (44 KB) TS Detail- Symbol Schedule
E-001a (44 KB) Standard Base for Apron Lighting
E-002 (59 KB) Typical Standard Foundations - Pile Extension Detail for Light Series Structures
E-002a (62 KB) Typical standard foundations-Pile extension Detail for Heavy Series Structures
E-002b (57 KB) Typical standard foundations-pile foundation repair for light series structures
E-002c (58 KB) Typical standard foundations- pile foundation repair for heavy series structures
E-004a (69 KB) Type IV Controller Base ("M" Controller Cabinet)
E-004b (52 KB) M-1 Adaptor Pedestal
E-004c (25 KB) Type "M" Controller Cabinet 2 Through 8 Ø
E-004d (136 KB) Type IV Controller and Power Pedestal Base with Working Space
E-005 (57 KB) TYPE V Controller / Power Pedestal Base
E-007 (40 KB) Berm for Advance Signal Standard on Divided Highway
E-008 (42 KB) Berm for Advance Signal Standard on Undivided Highway
E-009 (50 KB) Berm Pad for Roadside Utility Box
E-012 (42 KB) Typical Traffic Signals Electrical Service
E-014 (31 KB) Typical Traffic Signal Intersection Underground Plan
E-014a (46 KB) Grounding for Traffic Signal Systems
E-014d 1 of 2 (131 KB) Typical Intersection Conduits and Cabling
E-014d 2 of 2 (75 KB) Typical Intersection Conduits and Cabling
E-015 (34 KB) Typical Signal Display
E-016s (75 KB) Cantilever Extension Arm Stock Code: As Shown
E-016u (35 KB) Green Screw Anchor and Applicable Base Plate for 150 mm Ø Aluminum Post
E-016v (30 KB) Screw Anchor Base Details
E-017 (37 KB) RA-1 Electrical Details
E-017a (48 KB) RA-1 Electrical Details
E-018 (44 KB) RB-25 Electrical Details
E-018b (39 KB) Flashing RB-25 (Keep Right) Sign Location and Position
E-019a (51 KB) Typical Pedestrian Corridor
E-019b (54 KB) Typical Pedestrian Corridor 4 Lane Divided Highway
E-019c (57 KB) Typical Pedestrian Corridor 6 - 8 Lane Divided Highway
E-020 (29 KB) Conversion Base 470mm to 206mm
E-022 (34 KB) Conversion Base 270mm to 206mm
E-024 (54 KB) Traffic Signals Pole Stubs
E-025 (54 KB) Standard Power Pedestal (Metric)
E-026 (39 KB) Traffic Signal / Sign Anchor Bolts
E-027 (29 KB) Conduit Splice Details
E-031a (78 KB) Type I (Single Cut) Detector Loop Cut Details
E-031b (47 KB) Typical Cross Section - Type I(Single Cut) Detector Loop Cut Details
E-032 (21 KB) Detector Loop Details
E-035 (101 KB) Trenching / Backfill Details for Traffic Signal Condiuts
E-035A (68 KB) Type I and Type II Trenching / Backfill Detail for Traffic Sinal Conduits
E-037b (27 KB) Pedestrian Corridor Sign Face (small)
E-039b (106 KB) Underground Splice / Pull Pit (Modified) to Unfinished Area (Type III)
E-039c (73 KB) Underground Splice / Pull Pit to Finished and Unfinished Areas (Type IV)
E-039d (66 KB) Underground Splice / Pull Pit to Fished and Unfinished Areas (Type IV)
E-045 (15 KB) Specification for Shielded Detector
E-048A (39 KB) Traffic Control Signal Pole Painting
E-069 (33 KB) Pedestrian Corridor Flashing Signal Adaptor
E-071 (24 KB) Guide to Oxy-acet. Cutting Pressures
E-072 (30 KB) Safe - T - Base Assembly
E-072a (30 KB) Safe - T - Base - Detail Assembly
E-077 (43 KB) pedestrian Corridor-4 Lanes
E-088 (31 KB) Runway Distribution Cabinet
E-097 (30 KB) Overhead Sign Illumination Fixture Support Details
E-112a (97 KB) 5 Meters Straight Pole Type 8
E-112b (81 KB) Light Series 5 Meter Davit Type 2
E-112c (93 KB) Light Series 2.5 Meter Davit Type 2
E-112d (153 KB) Light Series 3 Meter Straight Standard Type 1
E-112f (141 KB) Combination Luminaire Heavy Series Cantilever Type 7
E-112g (137 KB) Combination Medium Series Cantilever Type 4
E-112h (77 KB) Light Series 3 m Straight Standard Type 1
E-112i (132 KB) Medium Series Cantilever No Luminaire Type 3
E-114a (74 KB) Traffic Signal Horizontal & Vertical Sight Triangles
E-114b (74 KB) Traffic Signal Horizontal & Vertical Sight Triangles
TO-071 (29 KB) Typical Phasing for Traffic Signals