Traffic Management and Road Safety

The safety and efficiency of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the provincial highway network is essential for Manitobans and all road users across the province. 

Speed Limits
Information about speed limits and who has authority to set and change speed limits on roads in Manitoba. Learn more

Traffic Signals
Information about traffic signals and traffic control devices. Learn more

Advertising Signs
Requirements to legally erect a private advertising sign adjacent to a provincial highway and road right-of-way. Learn more

Roadside Safety
Information about traffic safety. Learn more

School Area Traffic Safety
Information about school area traffic safety and reduced speed school zones. Learn more

Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety
Information about cyclist and pedestrian safety. Learn more

Traffic Counts
Information about traffic counts. Learn more

Street Lighting
Information about street lighting. Learn more

Motor Carrier Updates
Information for Motor Carrier. Learn more

Weights and Dimensions
Information for legal weights and dimensions. Learn more

Commercial Vehicle Permits
Information for permit services. Learn more

Trucking Productivity Improvement (TPI) Program
Information for the TPI program. Learn more

Motor Carrier Enforcement
Information for the Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement. Learn more

Other Resources