Land Use and Development

Development within a municipality or planning district is guided by local development plans. To protect the integrity of the provincial transportation system, the Land Use and Development section reviews and comments on all municipal development plans and zoning by-laws. This detailed review and analysis helps government ensure that appropriate transportation policies and land-use designations within these plans protect the safe and efficient operation and future enhancement of the provincial transportation system.

The Provincial Planning Regulation (PDF) is the primary planning tool for guiding jurisdictions in preparing local development plans. It contains both the Provincial Land Use Policies as well as the transportation policies that:

  • promote integration and connectivity of our multimodal transportation system
  • integrate land use and transportation planning
  • support development that is compatible with both local and provincial transportation networks
  • preserve the integrity of the transportation system
  • promote public transit and active transportation through land use planning

To help municipalities, planning districts and others to appropriately apply the Planning Regulation to their local development plans, the Transportation Systems Planning and Development Branch developed the Transportation Planning Resource Guide (PDF). This Guide assists local planning authorities with creating their own plans and policies, designating and zoning land, and directing development.