Strategic Planning

The Transportation Systems Planning and Development Branch (TSPD) provides strategic planning services to support the development of high-level policy and planning solutions for Manitoba’s multimodal transportation system. The Branch leads and participates in inter-governmental activities to help develop strategic responses to transportation issues related to trade, social development, environmental sustainability and economic growth at the municipal, provincial, national and international levels.

Pembina-Emerson Port of Entry

With approximately $18 billion in 2-way truck-based trade, the Pembina-Emerson Port of Entry is the busiest border crossing west of Detroit-Windsor and the fifth most significant crossing point between Canada and the United States. More than 1 million vehicles cross the border at this location annually and this number is predicted to double by the year 2035.

In order to plan appropriately for this predicted growth, TSPD led a conceptual planning study with bi-national participation from all key transportation and border services agencies. The study recommends auto / truck channelization in both the northbound and southbound directions of travel in order to enhance transportation efficiencies, increase capacity and improve levels of service. Each responsible agency is now undertaking next steps in developing the various project components.