Manitoba Composts Support Payments

The Manitoba Composts Support Payment program was launched in 2014 to give municipal and private sector composting facilities financial incentive and support for the diversion of organic waste in Manitoba. The goal of the program is to encourage diversion of 100,000 tonnes of organic waste from Manitoba landfills annually.

In the program, composting facilities are eligible for support payments based on tonnes of eligible organic waste processed on an annual basis. Facilities processing 2,500 tonnes or more are eligible for up to $10 per tonne to a maximum payment of $500,000 annually. Facilities processing less than 2,500 tonnes are eligible for up to $25 per tonne to a maximum payment of $25,000 annually. Organic waste diverted to composting facilities is exempt from the $10 per tonne Waste Reduction and Recycling Support Landfill Levy.

In 2020, ten compost facilities registered in the program processed more than 80,000 tonnes of organic waste, the equivalent of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 93,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. These facilities are eligible for up to $894,000 in support payments.

To be eligible for support payments, compost facilities must have all necessary environmental approvals in place, and comply with their environmental licence or permit requirements. They must also have trained personnel on site and produce compost that meets national quality standards.

Manitoba Compost Support Payment Guideline 2023