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Publications for Children and Families


Reports and Reviews

Child Care Commission report and The Task Force on Educational Outcomes (PDF 328KB)

Options for Action: An Implementation Report for The Legacy of Phoenix Sinclair: Achieving the Best for All Our Children

Fixed Rate Contract Review of Temporary Staffing - December 2014
Family Services completed a review of the services provided by private contractors in the child and family services system.

The Legacy of Phoenix Sinclair  - January 2014
Achieving the Best for All Our Children
The Hon. Ted Hughes O.C., Q.C., LL.D. (Hon), Commissioner

Circle of Care Fostering Fostering: Enhancing Supports to Foster and Kinship Care Families  - June 2011 (PDF 62 KB)
The province will strengthen the child welfare system by introducing enhanced supports for foster families through a two-year Foster Family and Kinship Care Strategy. Circle of Care: Fostering Fostering is a strategy to support the complex network of foster and kinship care families through several initiatives such as enhanced communications that includes plain language documents for foster parents and kinship care givers about the complexities of the child welfare system.

A Report on the Independent Review of Cathedral Valley Group Home  - January 2010 (PDF 1.58 MB)
In June 2008, the province commissioned an independent review of the Cathedral Valley Group Home to gather information on the full extent of the conditions that existed in the Cathedral Valley Group Home when it was active in the 1970s and 1980s and to recommend any appropriate resources for healing of its former residents. The Cathedral Valley Group Home was opened in January 1971. It was run by a private operator from whom government and other agencies purchased services.

Audit of the Child and Family Services Division Pre-Devolution Child in Care Processes and Practices – Office of the Auditor General Manitoba - December 2006  (PDF 16.64 MB)

"Strengthening our Youth" Their Journey to Competence and Independence - November 2006 - (PDF 362 KB)

Changes for Children: Strengthening the Commitment to Child Welfare Response to the External Reviews into the Child and Family Services System  - October 2006 (PDF 118 KB)

A special case review in regard to the death of Phoenix Sinclair  - September 2006 (PDF 17 KB) 

Strengthen the Commitment: An External Review of the Child Welfare System  - September 2006 (PDF 2.2 MB)

The Child Death Review: A Report To the Minister of Family Services & Housing Province of Manitoba Review - June 2006  (PDF 528 KB)

Children's Advocate Shelter Review Report  - March 2004
The Children's Advocate report reviewing the Winnipeg Child and Family Services Emergency Shelter Response System and the Department's response and action plan to address the recommendations.

Child and Family Services Standing Committee Report on Activities 2020-2021
The CFS Authority Standing Committee serves as an advisory body to the authorities and the government, and is responsible for facilitating cooperation and coordination in the provision of services under the Child and Family Services Authorities Act. The CFS Authority Standing Committee Annual Report on Activities outlines collective practice approaches and decisions relating to changes impacting child welfare practices.

Previous Reports:


Booklets and Brochures

Child Abuse Registry Brochure (PDF 192 KB)

The Social Services Appeal Board
How to file an appeal if you disagree with a decision concerning your application for adoption licensing, child care subsidies, child care licensing and other programs.


Guides and Manuals

Child and Family Services Standards Manual
Provincial standards for child and family services and adoption services in Manitoba.

Journey of Support Manual
A Direct Service Worker Action Guide to provide orientation, information and resources to assist the Direct Service Worker or Disability Support Worker in supporting individuals with a disability and his or her family.

Protocol on Children and Families Moving Between Provinces and Territories
Protocol signed by provinces and territories to ensure that families will not face barriers to service when moving within Canada.

Reporting of Child Protection and Child Abuse: Handbook and Protocols for Manitoba Service Providers (PDF 653 KB)
A resource for those involved in identifying, reporting and dealing with a child in need of protection, including child abuse.

Introducing: Reporting of Child Protection and Child Abuse (PDF 168 KB)
A fact sheet introducing the new handbook, which provides detailed guidelines on how to recognize and report child abuse and children in need of protection

Interviewing Children Manual

Interviewing Children is a training  for child welfare social workers and forensic interviewers who are conducting abuse investigative interviews of children. Produced in 2009 by PACCA, the video demonstrates current best practices in interviewing protocols (based on the Step-Wise model developed by Dr. John Yuille). This training utilizes a unique approach; skilled child welfare practitioners conduct the interviews in real time, with children who are improvising the role of an abused child. The result is a powerful and realistic portrayal of how interviews unfold under best practices, with natural and spontaneous responses from children at different ages and stages of development.


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