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Sector Council Program

The Manitoba government recognizes that a skilled, adaptable and productive workforce is essential for employers to compete locally and in the global market.

The Sector Council Program supports organizations in key Manitoba sectors to develop and deliver workforce training for new and existing employees to support business growth and prosperity.

With funding provided by Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources, these organizations:

  • Consult with sector employers to identify immediate, short and long term skills and labour gaps and develop strategies to fill those gaps;
  • Provide short-term training for existing workers to meet business goals such as increased productivity and competitiveness, new product and process development and increased market access;
  • Provide training and other supports to assist entrepreneurs to grow their business;
  • Advise post-secondary institutions on curriculum development and updates;
  • Provide school-to-work bridge training to ensure graduates have the skills required by employers;
  • Work with other organizations to inform Manitobans, including youth, Indigenous people, newcomers and those with disabilities about jobs and careers in their sectors; and
  • Promote sector jobs and careers through career development activities in schools and through social media.

Sector organizations collaborate with employers, industry associations, labour groups, educational institutions and other stakeholders to identify needs and deliver effective programming. They offer joint programs that enable employers to benefit from cross-sector opportunities, learning from one another and identifying potential cooperative business ventures.

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Natural Resources, Energy and Environment

Primary and Value Added Agriculture

Tourism, Hospitality and Retail/Customer Service

Traditional and Advanced Manufacturing

Transportation and Distribution

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