Manitoba's Strategic Advantages

Quality of Life

A couple sitting on a dock next to a lake and canoe, enjoying the warm Manitoba summer.The Good Life – at an affordable price


The secret of Manitoba’s low business costs is a cost of living that allows Manitobans to live better for less.

Homes, auto insurance, electricity, university or college tuition – all are available in Manitoba at some of the lowest prices in Canada.

Manitoba Hydro is a Crown corporation and the province's major energy provider. From its head office in downtown Winnipeg, the utility company provides among the lowest-cost business and residential electricity rates in Canada.



Manitobans spend their disposable income on a rich array of entertainment and recreation choices. We host Canada’s largest folk music festival, Western Canada’s largest winter carnival, and North America’s largest multicultural festival. The internationally renowned Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre showcase new works and classics in the performing arts.

The National Hockey League's Winnipeg Jets, Canadian Football League's (CFL) Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Northern Baseball League's Winnipeg Goldeyes, Canadian Elite Basketball League’s Winnipeg Sea Bears, and college, university and other athletes bring out thousands of supporters to root for the home team. Manitoba has hosted national and international sporting events such as the CFL Grey Cup championship, the Pan Am Games, the World Junior Hockey Championships and World Curling Championships.


Clean Water and Air

Clean air and water are no longer something to be taken for granted, even in Canada. But in Manitoba, smog is virtually non-existent and clean, clear water is readily available.

Manitoba is also a magnet for anglers from across North America, attracted by the possibility of catching trophy walleye and catfish.

Manitoba’s clear skies are another benefit of the province’s clean source of electricity, almost entirely produced by water-powered non-greenhouse gas producing hydraulic generating stations.


Health care coverage

Manitoba residents receive medically-required physician care and hospital care at no charge. Manitoba also has a pharmaceutical reimbursement program (Pharmacare) that contributes to costs above a basic deductible that are incurred by an individual or family for eligible prescription drugs.


Post-secondary Education

Manitoba’s universities offer undergraduate, graduate, pre-professional and professional degree programs taught by some of the world’s leading experts in their fields. Students have access to current information technology as well as state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities.


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