Education and Outreach Services

Legislative Building

Teacher Programs

The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba offers free, non-partisan educational programming designed to help teachers gain a better understanding of the parliamentary process, and provide resources and information that they can utilize in their teaching. 

  • Learning at the Leg!
    • Our annual 2-day professional development conference for teachers held at the Legislative Building. This program gives teachers an inside look at the Legislative Assembly as well as new information, resources, and networking opportunities designed to promote a better understanding of our parliamentary system.
  • Professional Development Workshops
    • Half or whole day professional development workshops that give more detailed information to educators on specific topics relating to parliamentary democracy.
    • All workshops have direct ties to the Manitoba social studies curriculum.
    • Workshops provide teachers with information and hands-on learning activities for their classroom.
  • Make-and-Take workshops
    • Half day workshops where we provide you with the resources and instructions, and you make a ready-to-use educational resource for your classroom!

Education and Outreach Services

Room 4 Legislative Building
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Phone: (204) 945-5330