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Student Programs

Education and Outreach Services offers free, non-partisan educational programming that is curriculum-based and designed to give students a better understanding of the Legislative Assembly and our parliamentary system. These programs are offered across the province both in-person and virtually.

  • Classroom in the Legislature
    • Come and visit our classroom in the Legislature!  Book a 60 minute interactive classroom program that is non-partisan and curriculum based. Students will participate in a lesson designed to teach them about the Assembly, and an interactive game which will help them form a concrete understanding of new terms!
  • Virtual Classroom in the Legislature
    • Utilizing online video conferencing software, we can visit you right in your classroom!  This 60 minute, curriculum-based program will give information to students about the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and our parliamentary democracy.
  • School Visits
    • If you are not able to visit us in the Legislative building, we can visit your classroom!  This 90-minute program includes a curriculum-based lesson, an interactive game, and a mock bill debate.

Education and Outreach Services

Room 4 Legislative Building
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Phone: (204) 945-5330