Municipal Amalgamation Initiative

All municipalities have been challenged to consider how they can reshape their municipalities through amalgamation. Municipalities that do not meet the minimum 1,000 population to be recognized as a municipality under The Municipal Act, will be required to submit a plan that will ensure the minimum population requirement is met.
This is an opportunity for municipalities to work collaboratively to determine their municipal partner and ensure amalgamations are locally designed, taking into account local circumstances.
Municipalities have been requested to provide a preliminary indication of their amalgamation partner by January 31, 2013. Final amalgamation partners are to be confirmed by no later than March 31, 2013.
An expedited amalgamation process is being developed to ensure amalgamations are in place by the 2014 general municipal elections.
The Department of Municipal Government is providing resources to support municipalities in developing their amalgamation plans.
This Website is your portal to information about the initiative and support materials available. Check back frequently for updates.