Pavement Engineering

The key services provided by Pavement Engineering Section include:

Pavement Structural Design and Analysis

  • Developing pavement construction strategies and structural designs for new pavements.
  • Assessing existing pavement condition, determining feasible treatments, developing construction strategies and providing structural designs for rehabilitation or reconstruction, as appropriate.
  • Performing life cycle economic analysis of alternative pavement surfacing options.
  • Reviewing quality management system (QMS) drawings and tenders for highway construction projects.
  • Performing structural analysis for the remaining life at the current loading and due to a proposed special hauls.  
  • Determining structural enhancement requirements for upgrade to highway loading classification.
  • Performing pavement structural and material analysis for construction deficiencies and providing recommendations for remedial or resolution.  
  • Conducting overweight axle impact assessment and establishing the pavement damage fees for surfaced and gravel roads.
  • Reviewing pavement design and construction drawings for access from provincial highways to roadside developments.

Pavement Research and Assessment  

  • Assessing pavement for structural capacity and establishing the allowable seasonal load limits.
  • Developing and monitoring field/laboratory pavement and materials research projects to assess and implement new methods, materials, technologies and procedures.
  • Collaborating with national and international stakeholders in pavement and materials research/initiatives.
  • Representing Manitoba on different local, national and international committees related to pavement and materials. 

Vehicle Weights and Dimensions    

  • Assessing special vehicles permit requests.
  • Providing pavement damage fees for special vehicle configurations.
  • Evaluating and recommending the allowable axle and gross weights for different vehicles, tires and axle configurations including their seasonal limitations.
  • Participating in the development/update of vehicle weights and dimensions standards, policies, regulations and maps.

Management of Seasonal Weights Programs   

  • Updating the list of spring weight restricted highway sections and maps on an annual basis.
  • Monitoring thermistors and weather data, and assessing the pavement surface condition, and freezing and thawing trends.
  • Determining the start and end dates for the highway winter seasonal weights and spring road restrictions programs.
  • Preparing ministerial orders, and managing website, print media and social media updates.
  • Developing/updating the relevant polices and procedures.

Data Collection and Pavement Management   

  • Managing pavement strength and surface condition (distresses) data collection programs including scheduling, routing and quality assurance.
  • Processing pavement strength and surface condition data, and managing the databases.
  • Maintaining pavement management system including the development of condition/performance curves, determination of treatment effectiveness and forecasting network and sub-network conditions.
  • Determining the service life of different treatments to establish the optimum timing of application.
  • Selecting projects for preservation and rehabilitation programs for different sub-networks.
  • Reporting network level pavement condition including map development.

Construction, Specifications and Standards    

  • Designing/reviewing materials and mixes for pavements and bridges.
  • Developing design/analysis standards and guidelines through the evaluation of in-service pavements, materials and new developments.
  • Developing specifications for various materials/products and their construction.
  • Developing materials sampling and laboratory/field testing standards, and providing guidance to different stakeholders including regions, internal/external laboratories, suppliers, consultants and contractors.
  • Reviewing construction quality control/assurance test results and payment adjustments, and managing the appeal testing.

Click here for the Sampling, Testing and Engineering Analysis Standards
Click here for the Standard Construction Specifications

New Product Approval and APL      

  • Evaluating new products including laboratory testing, field trial and performance monitoring in Manitoba condition.
  • Managing the Approved Products List (APL) for highway and bridge construction, preservation and maintenance applications.

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Alauddin Ahammed, Mohammad, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Manager, Pavement Section