Types of TPIF Agreements

Companies who wish to participate in the TPIF Program enter into an agreement with the Government of Manitoba. Three types of agreements are considered under the TPIF Program.

1) Overweight - Incremental Damage Agreement

TPIF Incremental Damage Agreements are the most common agreements. These agreements support companies who frequently haul divisible loads on the same route, or group of routes.  A load is normally limited to the weights allowed on the lowest classification of highway included in the route. If a route has only a short section with a lower classification, the company is allowed to haul at a higher weight for the entire route provided they agree to pay the incremental damage of that section.

Once a route application is approved, the per trip incremental damage fees are calculated using reasonable and generally accepted engineering principles. Fees are assessed according to the number of kilometres the company is hauling overweight, the vehicle configuration and the existing infrastructure strength.

An agreement is then prepared for signature by the company and the Province of Manitoba. The required permits are issued after the agreement is signed. Companies are responsible for reporting the number of trips taken within the time specified in the TPIF legal agreement. Depending on the legal agreement, Manitoba Infrastructure sends invoices each month or within sixty (60) days after the agreement is signed.

2) Over Dimensional Agreement

The TPIF Program normally only considers legal vehicle configurations; however, over dimensional vehicles are sometimes considered. If a company wishes to use an over dimensional vehicle, the specifications of the vehicle configuration need to be submitted with the TPIF Application.

The assessment of an Over Dimensional Vehicle Agreement may take significantly longer than an Incremental Damage Agreement.

The TPIF fee assessment for over dimensional vehicles may include, but is not limited to, costs such as additional signs and/or a route safety audit. If the vehicle is also over weight on a portion of the route, incremental damage fees will also be assessed.

3) Infrastructure Upgrade Agreement

Under special circumstances, TPIF Agreements for infrastructure upgrades are negotiated on a case–by–case basis. The cost sharing agreed upon, the company’s payment schedule and applicable TPIF fee exemptions are all subject to negotiation. TPIF Infrastructure Upgrade Agreements are only one type of cost sharing agreement Manitoba Infrastructure will consider.

Please contact the TPIF Program Office for more information on this type of agreement.