Getting Started in the TPI Program

Companies must apply to participate in the TPI Program. The approval process will take a minimum of two weeks after an application is submitted, but it may take longer. Complex applications with many routes and/or configurations will take longer to process. Certain times of the year are busier than others causing more delays; in particular mid-February to mid-April is a busy time of year.

There are four steps that must be completed before permits are issued under the TPI Program.

  1. A Route Agreement application is submitted for the route(s) through Manitoba MOOVES (Moving Oversize and Overweight Vehicles Efficiently and Safely), Manitoba’s online permitting system . A user account in Manitoba MOOVES is required. (Application process is initiated.)
  2. The application is reviewed by the department. (Timeframe: Approximately 2 weeks.)
  3. A legal agreement is prepared and signed by the company and the department. (Timeframe: Approximately 1 week)
  4. An Annual Productivity permit application is submitted through Manitoba MOOVES for each carrier that will require a permit. The permit application includes carrier information and proof of insurance. Permits are then issued. (Timeframe: Approximately 1 week)

The rough timeframes of each step of the process can be extended if incomplete information is provided. Accurate information on the TPIP Application will help expedite the entire process. Key information includes:

  1. An accurate description of the proposed route. This includes the number of kilometres on each highway and the direction of travel for each section of the route. An example of a good route description is “On PR 332 from Starbuck southerly for 10 km to the west junction of PR 332 and PR 247.” Please note, if you traveling overweight in both directions, it will be considered two (2) trips. (Truck Weight Limit Map)   
  2. The requested loading increase (i.e., to B1, A1 or RTAC)
  3. The type of commodity being transported (grain, raw forest products, mining supplies, etc.)
  4. The average number of trips taken over each 2-week block of the planned haul for each vehicle configuration. For more information about vehicle configurations, please see the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Guide (PDF)
  5. Anticipated benefits of joining the TPI Program (only for those wishing to haul during the Spring Road Restriction period)