TPIP Administrative Review Process

When a proposed loading increase on the TPIP Application is not approved, the TPIP Applicant may choose to request an Administrative Review.

To start an Administrative Review Process, the Applicant must submit a written request to have the decision reviewed. The written request should address the reasons the denial should be reconsidered, and may also include an Impact Statement. This Impact Statement should provide details of how the decision will impact the Applicant’s business financially, as well as how this may impact local businesses in the area, the local geographical region and the Province.

The Administrative Review is based on the information provided by the Applicant in response to the reasons for the reduced approval (or denied request), such as any extenuating circumstances or extreme financial hardship or economic impact. The Review’s decision-making process can also consider public interest.

Upon completion of the Review by the Administrative Review Committee, Applicant’s will be informed by letter or e-mail of the decision made by the Administrative Review Committee.

Requests for an Administrative Review can be forwarded to:

Trucking Productivity Improvement Program
Permits & Approvals Branch
Unit C, 1695 Sargent Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3H 0C4
Or by email at:

The TPI Program will make every effort to provide the Applicant with an Administrative Review decision within 4 weeks of receiving the request.

Should you have any further questions, or require clarification, please call the TPIP Office at 1-877-812-0009 or (204) 945-3961 (Option 4 - Productivity Permits), or send an email to