TPIF Agreement Processing

Legal Agreement

When an application is approved, the TPIF Program Office will prepare a legal agreement which specifies the fees that will be assessed for the approved route(s). The legal agreement is sent to the applicant for signature. At the same time, the TPIF Office will remind the applicant of the additional insurance and permit application (carrier information) that must be submitted through Superload before permits are issued on the approved route(s).

After the company signs the legal agreement, appropriate Manitoba Infrastructure representatives must also sign it. Permits can be issued after the legal agreement is signed by both parties and all the necessary insurance and permit application information is submitted.

Permit Application (Carrier Information)

The TPIF agreement holders will be required to submit information for every registered owner of the vehicles that will be used for hauling under the legal agreement (i.e. for all subcontractors hauling for the applicant on the approved route). Usually the TPIF agreement holders gather this information as soon as possible to ensure their permits can be issued without delay once the agreement is signed.

Proof of Insurance

There are also additional insurance requirements for carriers hauling under TPIF agreements. TPIF agreement holders are responsible for gathering the required insurance documentation from the vehicle owners who will haul under the TPIF agreement.