Private Advertising Signs on Provincial Highways

Manitoba Infrastructure does not normally allow private advertising signs on the right-of-way (ROW) of provincial highways and roads.

Manitoba Infrastructure’s roadside private advertising sign strategy was developed to:

  • prevent drivers from being distracted by signs
  • avoid conflicts with required roadway signs, such as speed limit cautionary or construction signs
  • avoid conflicts with MI's ROW maintenance such as grass mowing
  • reduce the risk to vehicle occupants if a vehicle leaves the roadway
  • provide a fair, consistent standard for roadside signs across the province

Private advertising signs may be allowed outside the highway ROW if a permit is obtained from Manitoba Infrastructure.

The permit process ensures that signs are at a safe distance from the roadway and that the sign follows set standards, such as spacing between signs and general information guidelines.

Apply for an Advertising Sign Permit

Visit Highway Planning and Design Branch - Permits
Telephone:  204-945-3457

Removal of Unauthorized Advertising Signs

The Transportation Infrastructure Act states that Manitoba Infrastructure may remove signs placed on a ROW or without a permit.

  • Sign owners are advised that they must remove their sign at their own cost within 14 days.
  • After the 14 day grace period, Manitoba Infrastructure will remove the illegal signs. The signs are placed in storage and owners can retrieve them within 31 days, if they pay a $600 fee.
  • After the 31 day holding period, signs are disposed of by Manitoba Infrastructure.

Other Resources

Election Sign Policy (PDF, 122 KB)

  • This policy refers to the requirements for posting election signs within provincial highway right-of-way.