Mines (Regulatory)

Land Access and Sustainable Development

Land Access Action Plan

Image of rehabilitated pitBackground:

The Manitoba minerals sector produces in excess of one billion dollars annually in total mineral production value. This sector provides significant wealth generation, export earnings, jobs, as well as materials needed to sustain industrial activity and contributes meaningfully to our high standard of living. The Manitoba minerals sector has excellent growth potential, and by providing a positive business climate to further encourage mineral exploration and investment, the economic and social benefits that the industry provides to the Province can be significantly enhanced.

There are land use, access, and tenure challenges that need to be resolved if the minerals industry is to remain economically viable. The industry needs assurance of continued access to high potential mineral lands in order to maximize the probability of exploration success. The current state of land use uncertainty and the need to streamline cumbersome environmental and land use permitting processes have been identified by the mining industry as a serious impediment to new mine development in Canada. This uncertainty concerning possible future mine development will inevitably lead to the sterilization and avoidance of some areas of the Province that have high mineral potential. Resolving the adversarial nature of the environment/development dilemna will help to provide for a new era of positive growth and stability for the mining industry in Manitoba.

The ongoing implementation of the "action plan" is an important step towards improving land access to areas with mineral potential and improving security of tenure for the mining industry. The principles of sustainable development have been codified in The Mines and Minerals Act and have become the legal framework to implement the concept in the mining sector. Manitoba is the only jurisdiction in North America to codify sustainable development into law.

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