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Manitoba – First Nations Mineral Development Protocol

In July 2017, the development of a provincial mineral development protocol with First Nations communities was announced. Co-chairs were appointed to lead an engagement process with First Nations leadership, industry representatives and other stakeholders. The objective was to establish a clear pathway forward on mineral development by establishing a respectful and productive protocol for Crown – Aboriginal consultations for this sector. This will improve certainty for all parties and better prepare First Nation communities to understand and be actively involved in all phases of, and ultimately benefit from, mineral development. View the Co-Chairs' report


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Manitoba has extended double work assessment credits for all eligible exploration expenses for another year to cover expenses incurred in calendar years 2014 to 2017 to help companies explore through these challenging economic times. Manitoba is the only Canadian jurisdiction to offer double assessment credits.

The use of ink stamps in the act of staking a claim has been brought to the attention of Mines Branch. Please click here for a letter outlining Mines Branch’s position on the use of such tools.

The Mines Branch has instituted a new application rejection policy effective April 1, 2015. The policy is aimed at incomplete applications that slow down processing of applications that are complete. When an application is rejected the application fees will be returned whenever possible. Further information and a listing of reasons for application rejection can be found here.

Previous Informational Notices
Important notices and regulatory information which may affect claims and staking.



Acts and Regulations
The complete text for The Mines and Minerals Act, as well as other acts, and accompanying regulations.

iMaQs - Integrated Mining and Quarrying System
iMaQs allows you to submit applications and maintain your dispositions from any computer connected to the Internet.

Information on mineral development programs in the province.

Procedures for Crown Consultation with Aboriginal Communities (draft)
The Government of Manitoba recognizes it has a duty to consult in a meaningful way with First Nations, Métis communities and other Aboriginal communities when any proposed provincial law, regulation, decision or action may infringe upon or adversely affect the exercise of an aboriginal right or treaty right of that Aboriginal community.

Assessment Information
Now available on-line, see the GIS Map Gallery.

Manitoba Minerals Guideline
Provides the framework for relationship-building between First Nations, the Métis Nation, Northern Communities, Government and Minerals Industry of Manitoba.

Land Access and Sustainable Development
To help plan your exploration program go to the land access map for basic land use and land tenure information affecting access for mineral exploration.

Mineral Exploration Licence Map
Map of current claims & mineral exploration licences in PDF. Please see the GIS Map Gallery for the most up to date information on mineral dispositions.

GIS Map Gallery
Examine interactive maps in our GIS Map Gallery, including Manitoba Mineral Dispositions, Assessment & Mineral Disposition History, and Geology.

Application Forms - Prospecting and Mining
All forms necessary to prospect and/or mine minerals (other than quarry minerals) in Manitoba under The Mines and Minerals Act and Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation.

Application Forms - Quarrying
Applications and other related forms for mining crown quarry minerals and privately owned aggregate minerals are available online.
Conservation FAQs Regarding Quarrying

Staking Requirements
A brief guide on how to stake a claim in Manitoba.

Orphaned/Abandoned Mine Site Rehabilitation

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