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NOTE – Quarry Return and Exemption Certificate Submissions are available online

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Launch iMaQs
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Informational Notices

The Grouping function of iMaQs has been disabled. Please go to the Application Forms page and submit MB9–Application for Grouping directly to the Mines Branch office for processing.

iMaQs may be periodically unavailable due to scheduled system maintenance. If you are having difficulty getting into the system, please wait for an hour and retry. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Application Forms
Application Forms

How to use iMaQs


iMaQs, the integrated Mining and Quarrying system, went live in 2012. iMaQs allows clients to submit certain applications and manage dispositions online.

As part of the initiative to provide more online services to clients, the Province of Manitoba has developed AccessManitoba, a secure service that provides access to business, employment and training-related information and services, of which iMaQs is one of the participating programs. In AccessManitoba, your contact information will be kept in a secure database accessible only to participating programs. To know more about AccessManitoba, visit www.AccessManitoba.ca.

To find out more about iMaQs, select a topic from our FAQ.

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