Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul Technician

Trade Description:

A gas turbine repair and overhaul technician works in a facility that has a dedicated engine overhaul, heavy maintenance or repair shop capable of disassembly, inspection and reassembly of internal engine components using engine manuals and engine-specific tooling.

Much of the technician’s work is hand work; consequently, manual dexterity and strong manual skills are important. Technicians must be able to use a wide range of hand and power tools.

Gas turbine repair and overhaul technicians are found in various aircraft manufacturing facilities.

Trade Regulation

Apprenticeship - Annual Requirements:

Levels Total Hours/Year
(On-the-Job & Technical Training)
Total Weeks/Year
(Technical Training)
Delivered By
2  1,800  12-18 RRC + Standard Aero 

Training Standards:

Technical training is developed by the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace (CCAA). For more information, contact CCAA.


Challenging the Exam - Trades Qualification:

Years of Experience Hours Required
Additional Practical
Exam Required
3 5,400 No
Questions regarding eligibility to challenge this trade
should be directed to

Designated Trainers:

PDF Document Work Experience Form

Accredited Programs:

Apprenticeship Trade Training Institution -
Secondary Schools 
Training Institution -
Post-Secondary Schools
Training Institution
Program Name 
Gas Turbine Repair & Overhaul Technician __ Neeginan College of Applied Technology / CAHRD Gas Turbine Repair & Overhaul Program 1