Experienced Tradespersons

There are two types of experienced tradespersons that we work with daily. There are those that want to challenge their exam and get their certification and there are those that want to work legally in Manitoba because they already have certification from another province or are former Canadian military.

Challenging your exam - If you have extensive experience working in the trade, you may be eligible to challenge the certification exam. Achieving certification in your trade can open up many opportunities and avenues for your career. Being approved to challenge means that individuals who meet the criteria for a trade will not be required to go through the full program.  Instead, they will be allowed to become certified by writing and passing the final exam(s).

Working in Manitoba – Manitoba has nine compulsory trades and if you are coming from outside of Manitoba or from the Military, it is important to know the requirements for working in those trades.


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Internationally Experienced Tradespersons
Former Canadian Military
Working in Mantioba