Finding an Employer

Do you have a trade in mind, or an employer that would like to sponsor you? Have you taken all the steps to getting ready for an apprenticeship program? Now it is time to find an employer that will sponsor you and your apprenticeship program.

There are many ways in which to find an employer that will sponsor your apprenticeship program.


Family, Friends and Connections

You may already have a lot of contacts in the trades. Look around at the family, friends and connections that you already have around you and see if there is someone that can help link you to the opportunity that you are seeking.


Contact Employers Directly

Employers are hiring and they are looking for people they can invest in. Do your research, check job banks, take initiative and apply to employers directly. Often employers are also a part of professional associations and so seek out information from those associations to help get connected Visit Residents Portal - Finding Job to search for current openings in your chosen trade.


Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centres

If you need help connecting to employers or getting ready for an apprenticeship we assist you.  Learn more at a Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development Centre.