How Government Buys


Goods over $2,500 are purchased by Procurement and Supply Chain and individual departments across government. For further information regarding Goods and Services commodity listing and responsibilities, please contact Procurement Services.


Procurement and Supply Chain buys a wide range of services, but the majority of contracts for services are handled directly by the individual departments. A list of Government departments can be found at, or contact Procurement and Supply Chain.


Construction related contracts are handled by selective departments and advertised on MERX when the value is greater than $100,000.

Information Technology

Computer hardware and software is purchased by individual departments across government as well as the ICT Services Manitoba.

Electronic Tendering

All Manitoba tenders over Trade Agreement thresholds are advertised and/or distributed by an electronic tendering service called MERX. This is a nationwide system operated by Mediagrif, a Montreal based company. Contact MERX or search for tender opportunities at or phone 1-800-964-6379.

Tendering Thresholds

Manitoba will electronically tender goods valued at more than $2,500 and most services greater than $75,000.

Tender Terms and Conditions

Standard Request for Quotation (RFQ) Terms and Conditions are posted on the MERX electronic tendering service.


Goods and services acquired across government are purchased by departmental and/or corporate buyers who purchase goods and services on behalf of client departments. For additional information on these buying groups or individuals, please contact Procurement and Supply Chain.