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The government has created many programs to assist Manitobans in making responsible consumer choices. The following Consumer Tip Sheets are provided by the Consumer Protection Office to help Manitobans make responsible and informed financial decisions. The tip sheets can also be e-mailed to you by contacting, or they can be sent to you via mail by calling 945-3800 in Winnipeg or toll-free at


2020 Money Matters Calendar

A printable calendar that provides Financial Lessons for Life

Money Smart Manitoba is an initiative of the MFSA designed to provide financial information, tips, and resources to help Manitobans make better informed financial decisions.

Payday Loan Information for Consumers

This listing of frequently asked questions from the Manitoba Consumer Protection Office provides consumers with information about Manitoba’s payday loan legislation. 

Requirements for Prepaid Purchase Cards (including gift cards and gift certificates)

Manitoba law prohibits certain prepaid gift cards from expiring. Manitoba’s Consumer Protection Office offers a tip sheet that explains topics such as restrictions on expiry dates, the limitations on the charging of fees and the disclosure of information requirements for gift cards and gift certificates sold in Manitoba.

Maximum Fees for Cashing of Government Cheques

Manitoba limits how much money consumers can be charged for cashing government cheques. Any cheques issued by the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, Manitoba Housing Authority, Manitoba Public Insurance, the Workers Compensation Board or the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation are protected by this limit. For more information, please visit this tip sheet that explains what types of charges are allowed.

Your Personal Credit Record

Almost all consumers have a permanent record of all their money borrowing history. This file is often called a credit report or credit history, and is very important as it can affect how much money a consumer can borrow and whether a landlord will rent housing to a tenant. This tip sheet explains what rights consumers have regarding their personal credit files. It also explains how to obtain a free copy of your credit report, what information is contained in it and what steps can be taken to correct possible mistakes that appear on your credit report.

Warranties and Guarantees

The Consumer Protection Office publishes a tip sheet explaining what warranties are and how they work. It also explains legal warranties that are automatically created on all goods and services, as well as outlines the steps to take to use your warranty.

Tips for Charitable Giving

This helpful tip sheet from the Consumer Protection Office explains what steps to take when asked for charitable donations, particularly if approached by unfamiliar people or organizations. 

Home Improvements Sold by Direct Sellers

This tip sheet explains how consumers can protect themselves when dealing with direct sellers. Tips discussed include how to find out whether the business and salesperson is licensed, and how to check into the legitimacy of the company. The publication also gives advice on down payments, payment schedules and how to protect against property liens.

Filing a Complaint with the Consumer Protection Office

If a company that sold you a good or service in Manitoba has mistreated you, then you may want to contact the Consumer Protection Office for help. This tip sheet outlines what information consumers should provide to the Consumer Protection Office when they file a complaint.

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

It is important for Manitobans to know their consumer rights and responsibilities. This tip sheet contains helpful consumer information on topics like refunds, exchanges, deposits, delivery dates and estimates.

Collection Practices

This tip sheet explains what collection agencies are and what rights consumers have when dealing with them. It also discusses the possible consequences for not paying a debt on time and explores the topic of repossession.

Filing a Complaint with the Manitoba Financial Services Agency

Securities, Real Estate and Commodities.  The Manitoba Securities Commission investigates complaints involving activities related to The Securities Act, The Commodity Futures Act, The Real Estate Brokers Act and The Mortgage Brokers Act.

Start-up Crowdfunding Guide for Investors

Crowdfunding is a process through which an individual or a business can raise small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

The Manitoba Payday Borrowers’ Financial Literacy Fund

The government has created the Manitoba Payday Borrowers’ Financial Literacy Fund to support programs that improve the financial literacy of payday loan users. The Minister of Family Services and Consumer Affairs is responsible for managing the fund and may make or authorize payments from it.