Financial Literacy Resource Website

Consumer Education - Youth

Building Futures Project

The Building Futures project is a collaboration among Manitoba Education, The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) and Investor's Group. The project provides a website with teaching materials for Grades 4-10. The modules are meant to be used to achieve existing outcomes in English Language Arts, Social Studies and Mathematics through the topics and ideas of financial literacy.

High School Mathematics Curriculum

Financial literacy is a part of several courses that students can take during their senior years of high school.

In Grade 10, students taking Essential Mathematics 20S study topics such as wages and salaries, unit pricing and currency exchange.

In Grade 11, students in Essential Mathematics 30S study topics like consumer decisions, personal banking, loans, credit cards and budgeting.

In Grade 12, students in Essential Mathematics 40S study topics including buying and maintaining a home, government taxation forms, business finance, and buying and operating a vehicle. Those studying Applied Mathematics 40S learn about investments, renting, buying, leasing and compound interest.

Be a money mentor! Make It Count is an interactive fun program from the Manitoba Securities Commission that teaches parents and educators how to use everyday situations to engage youth in discussions about money.  Helpful for any age, but best suited for Grades 4 to 8, with tools for youth, instructors and parents.
Important investment information for youth. This information sheet from the Manitoba Securities Commission describes different types of investments and how they work. It is a valuable reference for all ages.