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Community Learning Centre – Community Workshops

The Community Learning Centre is developing a service hub for Aboriginal community development practices, promoting leadership opportunities for Aboriginal people through the hosting of round table gatherings, workshops, and ceremonies. It also develops organizational succession planning that strengthens organizations and assists Aboriginal youth in developing upper-level management skills.

Community Economic Development Training

Accredited community courses and non-accredited community workshops are offered by Red River College. They promote access and support community development practitioners and volunteers to increase community development knowledge about financial project management and grant writing.

Board of Directors Training

The following programs are offered to community-based private non-profit and co-operative housing organizations that manage projects subsidized by Manitoba Housing. Please follow the link above for contact information.

Board of Directors Training Initiative

These entry level workshops, directed to new board of directors members, offer information on board member duties, board governance, and understanding financial statements.

Understanding your Project Operating Agreement

This intermediate level workshop, directed to board of directors members, aims to clarify the role, duties and expectations of the board of directors, including understanding the agreement between parties, the project operating agreement by program type, and reporting requirements and expectations.

Understand the Budget Cycle

This high-level workshop, directed at board of directors members and their senior staff, aims to increase understanding of the budget cycle, financial statements, and the consequences and impacts of the project operating agreement expiring.

Capital Planning

These training modules aim to increase the understanding of capital planning expectations, replacement reserve fund benchmark expectations, maintaining and drawing down of replacement reserve funds, and the consequences and impacts of the project operating agreement expiring.