Employment and Income Assistance


A Manitoba Income Supplement

What Is 55 PLUS?

55 PLUS is a provincial income supplement program providing benefits to low-income Manitobans who are 55 years of age and older.

The 55 PLUS Program has two components:

  1. The Junior Component for people 55 years of age or older, who are not eligible for benefits under the federal Old Age Security (OAS) Program.
  2. The Senior Component for people receiving benefits under OAS Program.

Who Is Eligible?

You may be eligible for 55 PLUS if you:

  • are 55 years of age or older
  • live in Manitoba
  • have a total family income below a specific level

Note: You cannot receive 55 PLUS benefits if you receive Employment and Income Assistance. However, if you receive only the health care benefits portion of income assistance, you may be eligible for 55 PLUS.

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When Is The Benefit Year?

The 55 PLUS benefit year runs from April 1 to March 31.

When Do My Payments Begin?

Benefits are mailed four times a year, in late April, July, October and January. When it has been determined that you are eligible, you will receive a benefit cheque for each three-month period. Your first payment will include benefits for the three-month period during which your completed application is approved.

What Benefits Would I Receive?

Maximum quarterly benefits (every three months) have increased to $161.80 for a single person and $173.90 to each eligible person in a married or common law relationship.

55 PLUS Junior Component – Partial benefits are available to single people with an annual income up to $9,746.40 and couples with an annual family income up to $16,255.20.

55 PLUS Senior Component – Benefits are based on family composition, net family income and the type and level of benefits you receive under the federal Old Age Security program.

Note: If your income is slightly above the maximum, you are encouraged to apply anyway as there are some allowable deductions from gross income.

How Is My Financial Eligibility Determined?

Your net income from the previous tax year is used to determine if you are eligible.

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Should I Apply?

If you do not receive benefits under the federal Old Age Security Program, you must apply for 55 PLUS. You can apply at any time during the benefit year.

If you do receive benefits from the federal Old Age Security Program, you are not required to apply. Your eligibility is determined automatically by the level of benefits you receive from the OAS Program.

Can I Appeal If My Application Is Denied?

If you are not satisfied with the decisions made in your case, you can make an appeal. Contact the Social Services Appeal Board for more information.

How Do I Apply?

For more information, you may download a printable PDF version of the 55 PLUS brochure here (PDF 243 KB), or, contact the 55 PLUS office.

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