Rent Assist for Manitobans Not Receiving Employment and Income Assistance (EIA)

A Flexible Shelter Benefit for Low-income Manitobans

Rent Assist is a shelter benefit for low-income Manitobans who rent their own accommodations in the private market. Rent Assist helps make your rent affordable by paying you a benefit based on your income and the cost of rent in the market for your family size.

I am working/in an employment training program/receiving pension income but I still need some help with my rent. Can I get Rent Assist?

Yes. You may be eligible for Rent Assist – even if you are working, training or receiving pension income – if you:

  • are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada and at least 18 years of age
  • pay rent or room and board for unsubsidized housing
  • have a net annual income of less than $25,440 for a single person, or $28,720 for a single person 55 years of age or older, or a person who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit or receive Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits, $32,000 for two people, $41,400 for three or four people and $52,640 for five or more people
  • have dependent children in your home and have a net annual income of less than $41,400 for two to four people, or $52,640 for five or more people

You may not be eligible for Rent Assist if:

  • you rent your home from Manitoba Housing
  • you own your own home
  • you, or the unit you live in, gets any other kind of housing benefit or subsidy
  • you live in a First Nations community
  • you live in a personal care home, hospital or residential care facility
  • you live in student housing
  • you are in Canada on a work or study permit
  • you receive Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) benefits

How much can I receive?

The amount paid by Rent Assist is based on the amount needed to help your household afford a rental cost of up to 80 per cent of the median market rent.
If applying between January and June, eligibility will be based on your tax return from two years prior to the current year. If applying between July and December, eligibility will be based on your tax return from one year prior to the current year.

Your benefits will be based on:

  • the number of people in your household
  • your net annual household income in the tax year used to assess your eligibility
  • whether you are over 55 years of age
  • whether you qualified for the Disability Tax Credit and/or received Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits in the tax year used to asses your eligibility.

The easiest way to get an estimate of your monthly Rent Assist benefit is to use our online calculator.

How are benefits paid?

Rent Assist benefits are paid monthly by direct deposit or cheque. Once a year, your Rent Assist eligibility will be reassessed based on the income reported on your tax return. You must claim rent on your income taxes annually to be eligible.

Please note that if you receive the Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit, it will be reduced by the amount of your Rent Assist benefit.

How do I apply for Rent Assist?

To apply for Rent Assist or to have an application mailed to you, please contact:
Provincial Services
100 - 114 Garry Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 4V4
Phone: 204-948-7368
Toll free: 1-877-587-6224
You can also download an application form.