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Manitoba Housing is offering a Rural Homeownership Program in select Manitoba communities, excluding urban centres where demand for rental housing currently exists.

The Program has two unique streams:

Eligible households

You may be eligible for financial assistance if:

  • You currently rent a home owned by Manitoba Housing in selected rural communities or
  • You would like to purchase a vacant home owned by Manitoba Housing in selected rural communities;


  • You do not currently own a home or other property.
  • You qualify for a mortgage from a financial institution.
  • Household income must not exceed the following limits:
    • $63,450 for a household without children*
    • $84,600 for a household with children or dependants*

      * Effective September, 2021
  • The home you purchase from Manitoba Housing will be your principal residence.

Available Financial Assistance

Down Payment Assistance

Qualified applicants will receive financial assistance from Manitoba Housing towards the down payment for the purchase price of the home. 

The down payment assistance has two components - one is 10 per cent of the purchase price and the other is 15 per cent of the purchase price.

  • The 10 per cent amount is forgivable on a pro-rata basis over five years. This means that for each year that you own and live in the home, one-fifth of the down payment assistance will be forgiven.  After five  years, the loan amount will reduce to zero.

  • The 15 per cent amount is forgivable after 15 years of continuous ownership and occupancy of the property.  This means if you own and live in your home for 15 years or longer, you do not have to pay back the 15 per cent portion of the down payment assistance.

This example shows how the Rural Homeownership Program works for a house priced at $60,000:

Purchase price:  $60,000
Down payment assistance from Manitoba Housing: 
                 10% contribution: $6,000  
                 15% contribution: $9,000  
Total value of down payment assistance available from Manitoba Housing $15,000

Mortgage amount required from Financial Institution

Additional Assistance

In addition to the down payment assistance, qualified applicants are eligible for:

  • Land Transfer Tax and Fees - paid for by Manitoba Housing,
  • Non-repayable grant – A grant of $1,500 is available to assist you with legal fees and other costs (second mortgage registration, home inspection, utility hook-up, moving costs, etc.).
Important Notes
  • Under your mortgage agreement with the financial institution where you get your mortgage, you are responsible for all payments.
  • The amount of financial assistance you receive from Manitoba Housing depends on the purchase price of the home.

Ask Us

For more information contact us through the following:

  • Phone204-451-3960 or toll-free at 1-855-201-4624 outside of Winnipeg
  • E-mail:
  • In Person:  Second Floor-352 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB  R3B 2H8

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