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The Manitoba Geological Survey aims to offer each new report, map and related publication online for free download. As well, the Survey regularly adds digital releases of archival materials to the online Resource Centre Catalogue for free download.

Please find below a selection of pages which will allow you to view what publications in each genre are currently available online. Please note that many of the files available are PDFs which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Each page below offers a brief description of the purpose of each genre. A PDF is also available collecting these descriptions for easy review.

Gold dot iconAggregate Reports (AR)

Gold dot iconBedrock Geology Compilation Map series (BGCM)

Gold dot iconData Repository Items (DRI)

Gold dot iconEconomic Geology Report (ER)

Gold dot iconGeological/Geoscientific Papers (GP)

Gold dot iconGeoscientific Maps (MAP) / "A" Series Maps (AFP)

Gold dot iconGeoscientific Reports (GR)

Gold dot iconMineral Deposit series (MDS)

Gold dot iconOpen Files (OF)

Gold dot iconPetroleum publications (including Petroleum Open File Reports)

Gold dot iconPreliminary Map series (PMAP)

Gold dot iconPublication Series (PUB)

Gold dot iconReport of Activities series (RFA)

Gold dot iconStratigraphic Map series (STRAT MAP)

Gold dot iconSurficial Geology Compilation Map series (SG)

Gold dot iconOther series not listed above


For further detailed information on any publication, please search the Publications Catalogue.

For a list of the most recently released publications, please visit the Recent Releases page.

For a complete list on publications available for purchase from the Resource Centre, please view the Publications Listings catalogue and the Ordering information page.

Free Access to Other Data/Information

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