Fine Option Program

(Offences under the Provincial Offence Act, Highway Traffic Act and parking tickets are not eligible for the Fine Option Program.)

What is Fine Option?

The Fine Option Program is a voluntary program to offer people the opportunity to pay their fines by doing unpaid work for the community. Please note offences under the Provincial Offence Act, Highway Traffic Act, parking offences and surcharges are not eligible for the Fine Option Program. To determine if your fine is eligible please contact the Fine Option Program (see below for contact information).

How does it work?

To participate, a person who has been fined registers at a local Community Resource Centre and is assigned community work. Centres are located throughout the province and at several sites in Winnipeg. They determine the number of hours to be worked, and assign and monitor the work to completion. Work may include repairs or maintenance at churches, schools, halls, seniors' residences, parks and other community sites. It can also involve helping residents in the community, including the elderly, disabled or young people.

Failure to complete the assigned task will result in a warrant being issued.

How are the work hours determined?

This depends on the amount of the fine imposed. The work schedule and the time allowed to complete the assignment are agreed to between the offender and the community resource centre. Participants are credited for hours worked at the Manitoba minimum wage rate.

Who benefits?

Participants benefit by remaining in their community with family and friends, where they can carry on with their daily lives. At the same time, community work is completed that might not otherwise get done. And society benefits because Fine Option costs less than sending a person to jail.

How can the Community participate?

Non-profit organizations, groups and individuals, including First Nations and municipalities, can either administer the program or provide work opportunities.

Who do I contact for more information?

Winnipeg (204) 945-6313
Toll-Free in Manitoba (204) 1-800-282-8066