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FAQs: Prosecutions and Convictions

Violations of workplace safety and health laws may result in a prosecution. If charges are laid, the accused must enter a plea in court (guilty or not guilty). Fines upon conviction may be issued:

  1. to a maximum of $500,000 (first offence)
  2. to $1,000,000 (second or subsequent offence), plus a maximum of $50,000 (first offence) or $100,000 (second or subsequent offence) for each day that the offence continues.
  3. Where criminal negligence has lead to a serious workplace injury, illness or fatality, charges may also be laid under the Criminal Code of Canada.

    Prosecution and convictions are applied as behaviour-changing tools to encourage safe work practices. Following an investigation by Workplace Safety and Health, reports may be forwarded to Manitoba Justice for review where one or more of the following criteria have been identified:
    • Injury or illness as a direct result of contraventions to safety and health legislation;
    • Repeated or willful non-compliance to safety and health requirements; or,
    • Continuing to work while under stop work order.

Contact the Workplace Safety & Health Branch

Phone: 204-957-SAFE  (7233)
Toll-free: 1-855-957-SAFE (7233)

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