Municipal Water & Sewer Program

Cartier Regional Water Treatment Plant at St. Eustache
Cartier Regional Water Treatment Plant at
St. Eustache



Municipal Water and Sewer Program


The Water and Sewer Program is a partnership between MWSB and Manitoba Municipalities/Registered Water Co-operatives. Technical and financial assistance is provided to develop safe, sustainable water and sewer infrastructure. Assistance for projects is based on a 2-tiered system, as follows:
Tier 1. 50% Grant - Priority One: Projects with documented public health or environmental problems.
            50% Grant - Priority Two: Projects with economic benefit to Manitoba and the Municipality.
Tier 2. 30% Grant - Priority Three: Projects which are primary local improvement in nature.
MWSB may consider an additional Provincial grant to a maximum of 10% for accepted projects constructed north of the 53rd parallel. MWSB does not assist with infrastructure development to new subdivisions and/or recreational areas.

Planning Process

  1. Municipalities forward a request, by resolution for a project to be considered by MWSB.
  2. MWSB will prioritize the project requests.
  3. In instances where projects are not well defined, MWSB may work with the Municipalities to conduct an engineering feasibility study to determine the “best sustainable option”.
  4. Once all funds have been identified for the project, MWSB will sign an agreement  with the Municipality to:
    • begin the project planning and pre-design
    • obtain engineering services including detailed design, environmental assessment, licensing and construction supervision
    • call tenders, award and manage construction contracts
    • provide technical support during a one year  warranty after the project has been completed


Further detailed information on The Manitoba Water Services Board programs may be obtained by contacting:
The Manitoba Water Services Board
Unit 1A - 2010 Currie Boulevard
Brandon, Manitoba
R7B 4E7
Phone: (204) 726-6076
Fax: (204) 726-7196