Permits, Tendering & Contracts

Highway Design Permits

Land Development Permits

Looking to build an access or structure adjacent to a provincial highway? You may require a permit. Learn more

Private Advertising Sign Permits

Looking to erect a private advertising sign or billboard adjacent to a provincial highway?  You may require a permit. Learn more

Utilities Permissions

Looking for information and guidelines for installing utilities in provincial highway rights-of-way? Learn more

Water Resource Permits

Designated Flood Area permits

A Designated Flood Area Permit is required for any new permanent structure within Designated Flood Areas (DFAs). Learn more

Provincial waterway Authorizations

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure administers the Water Resources Administration Act. This includes the administration of and exercising jurisdiction over Provincial Waterways. Learn more

Designated Reservoir Area Permits

Section 16(4) of the Water Resources Administration Act provides the mechanism for the Minister of Manitoba Infrastructure to permit structures and change in land use within Designated Reservoir Areas. Learn more

Commercial Vehicle Permits

Permit Services

Permit Services issues a variety of transport permits for highways under the jurisdiction of the Manitoba government. Permit Services is also the issuing authority for over dimensional and/or overweight permits for the City of Winnipeg and the City of Brandon. Learn more


You may apply online for over dimensional, overweight, Trucking Productivity Program route agreement, productivity permit, fuel tax and temporary registration permits using the new Manitoba Online Permitting System, MB MOOVES (Moving Oversize and Overweight Vehicles Efficiently and Safely). Learn more

Trucking Productivity Improvement Program

The TPI Program is designed to support and sustain industry in Manitoba. It provides an innovative opportunity for shippers or receivers to safely maximize their payloads and enhance their transportation productivity on pre-approved routes. The TPI Program does not compromise on safety, but will consider innovative proposals from industry. Learn more

Tenders and Contracts

Specializes in tendering, procurement and contract services of large construction, maintenance and materials contracts as well as consulting and professional services. Establishes standard tendering and construction specifications and policies, shepherds contract negotiations and provides contract claim services to ensure the integrity, effectiveness, consistency and timely delivery of the capital, preservation and maintenance programs for Infrastructure.

Looking for below information? Learn more

  • Advertising Schedule
  • Tender Information and Advertisements
  • Government Wide Contract policies
  • Work Zone Traffic Control Manual
  • Standard Documents for Goods Purchases
  • Engineering and Consulting Service providers

Work Zone Traffic Control

The Work Zone Traffic Manual is intended to provide minimum standards for the protection of road users and workers during temporary works relating to highway maintenance and construction.  This includes utility and other operations. This manual provides a single source for traffic control standards for use on Manitoba's highways. Learn more

Film Production & Special Event Traffic Control

Under The Highway Traffic Act, the Province of Manitoba sets out conditions for film productions or special events that want to use provincial highways and roads for events of filming. Learn more

Water Management, Planning and Standards

Information about Water Management, Planning and Standards. Learn more

CADD Standards

Discover information on Transportation and Infrastructure's CADD Standards.