Highway Design

Highway Design Branch plans, designs, manages and protects the province’s highway system. The Branch provides design, standards, specifications, policies, technical evaluation, guidance and approval. The Branch’s roles also include research, assessment, management, and review of development affecting the transportation system. These allow for a safe, reliable and efficient highway network.

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What are you looking for?

Land Development Permits

Looking to build an access or structure adjacent to a provincial highway? You may require a permit.  Learn more

Private Advertising Sign Permits

Looking to erect a private advertising sign or billboard adjacent to a provincial highway?  You may require a permit. Learn more

Functional Designs

Looking for technical advice and guidance on future highway plans? Learn more

Utilities Permissions

Looking for information and guidelines for installing utilities in provincial highway rights-of-way? Learn more

Maps and Resources

Looking for resources including maps.  Learn more

Geotechnical Engineering

Need information related to highway infrastructure geotechnical and drainage investigations, studies and designs?   Learn more

Pavement Engineering

Need information related to pavement design, materials, management, research and assessment, approved products, new product approval process, data collection and analysis, implementation of seasonal axle loads, overweight vehicles impact assessment, nonstandard vehicles permit evaluation, construction specifications and standards?   Learn more

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