Annual Permits

Please contact the Permit Services Office if you require a permit.


  • One year


  • Oversize and/or overweight vehicles and commodities
  • Vehicles with permanently mounted equipment
  • Special mobile machines
  • House trailers
  • Grain bins and storage tanks
  • Implements of husbandry (including farm tractors)
  • Hay and straw
  • Bale trucks and pony trailers
  • Car carriers (high mounts and stingers)
  • Long combination vehicles (LCVs)
  • Lift/flip axles
  • Long wheelbase truck tractors
  • Long wheelbase semitrailers


  • Not valid for travel on the Winter Road System
  • Not valid on any roadway under the jurisdiction of Manitoba that is not classified as an RTAC, A1 or B1 highway
  • Not valid for any municipal road not indicated on the permit


  • Annual permits are issued to the registered owner of the power unit
  • fleet blanket permits may be issued in some cases