Government and Private Sector Archives

Government and Private Sector Archives (GPSA) is responsible for the archival records of the Manitoba government, as well as the archival records of municipalities and school divisions and of the private sector, including Manitoban individuals, families and organizations. Through the transfer, acquisition and preservation of the archival records of both government and the private sector, GPSA strives to preserve a balanced and complementary record of the Manitoba experience. The records represent a broad cross-section of Manitoba and the themes within Manitoba history including: Indigenous peoples, immigration, settlement, governance, agriculture, labour, health, arts and culture.

  • GPSA is actively acquiring archival records, both through regular systematic transfers from the Manitoba government and through donations from individuals, organizations, municipalities and school divisions. Find out more about donating records.
  • Many of our government and private sector archival records have been described in the Keystone database. Search the database or contact us to learn more about our holdings.
  • Archives staff will provide information on our processes and services, and will do a very limited amount of research for clients, primarily to advise on relevant records held by the Archives. Find out more about researching from a distance or about visiting the Archives. If you’re looking for a will / estate file, see our guide.
  • GPSA staff assists government clients who need to review archival records from their departments and agencies. Find out more about our services to government.