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Please note that only 494 Hudson’s Bay Company fur trade posts appear in these maps because the map is based on the fur trade posts originally included in the Archives’ “Section B” records. While this map has limitations, it is helpful as a starting point.

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HBC Fur Trade Posts by Name or Number
Post Number Post Name Region Map
Post # Post Name Region Map
B.1 Abitibi (aka Abbitibby, Abitibi House) Québec Southern Québec
B.241 Aillik Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.378 Aklavik Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.3 Albany Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.379 Allanwater Ontario Western Ontario
B.380 Amadjuak Nunavut Nunavut
B.381 Arctic Bay Nunavut Nunavut
B.7 Ash Falls Ontario Western Ontario
B.242 Athabasca Landing Alberta Alberta
B.243 Attawapiskat Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.11 Babine British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.244 Bad Lake Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.245 Bad Throat Post Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.246 Baie des Pc(res Québec Southern Québec
B.382 Baie-Comeau Québec Southern Québec
B.383 Baillie Island Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.384 Baker Lake Nunavut Nunavut
B.12 Barkerville British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.13 Batchewana Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.385 Bathurst Inlet Nunavut Nunavut
B.247 Battle River Alberta Alberta
B.248 Battleford Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.249 Bear Lake (aka Fort Grahame, Findlay River) British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.386 Bearskin Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.387 Beauval Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.250 Beaver Lake House Ontario Western Ontario
B.371 Beaver Lake Portage Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.14 Bedford House Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.388 Belcher Islands Nunavut Nunavut
B.15 Belle Vue Sheep Farm (San Juan) (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.16 Berens River Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.389 Bernard Harbour (aka Fort Thompson) Nunavut Nunavut
B.17 Bersimis (Pointe-des-Bersimites) Québec Southern Québec
B.390 Big Beaver House Ontario Western Ontario
B.18 Big Fall Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.19 Big Lake Québec Southern Québec
B.251 Big Stone River Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.252 Biscotasing Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.253 Black River British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.392 Blacklead Island Nunavut Nunavut
B.393 Blanc-Sablon Québec Northern Québec
B.254 Blood River Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.20 Bolsover House Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.21 Bow Fort (a.k.a. Piegan Post) Alberta Alberta
B.22 Brandon House Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.23 Brunswick House (aka Wapiscogamy) Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.395 Bucke Ontario Western Ontario
B.25 Buckingham Québec Southern Québec
B.24 Buckingham House Alberta Alberta
B.255 Buffalo River Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.256 Calgary Alberta Alberta
B.396 Cambridge Bay Nunavut Nunavut
B.274 Cancelled Cancelled Not on map
B.391 Cancelled Cancelled Not on map
B.459 Cancelled Cancelled Not on map
B.471 Cancelled Cancelled Not on map
B.477 Cancelled Cancelled Not on map
B.494 Cancelled Cancelled Not on map
B.495 Cancelled Cancelled Not on map
B.257 Candle Lake Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.258 Canoe Lake Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.397 Cape Dorset Nunavut Nunavut
B.398 Cape Smith Québec Northern Québec
B.26 Cappoonicagomie Ontario Eastern Ontario (Not on map)
B.399 Caribou Manitoba Northern Manitoba (Not on map)
B.28 Carlton House (Assiniboine River) Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.27 Carlton House (Saskatchewan River) Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.29 Carlton House (Three Points) Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.259 Cartwright Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.30 Cat Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.400 Cavell Ontario Western Ontario
B.31 Cawassieamica Québec Southern Québec
B.260 Cedar Lake Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.261 Chapleau Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.262 Charlton Island Depot Nunavut Nunavut
B.32 Chatham House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.33 Chats Québec Southern Québec
B.34 Chesterfield House Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.401 Chesterfield Inlet Nunavut Nunavut
B.402 Chibougamau Québec Southern Québec
B.35 Chickney Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.36 Chicoutimi Québec Southern Québec
B.37 Chilcotin British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.40 Chipewyan Lake Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.41 Chiswick House Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.263 Clear Lake Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.403 Clyde River Nunavut Nunavut
B.404 Coats Island Nunavut Nunavut
B.264 Cold Lake Alberta Alberta
B.43 Cold Lake (English River) Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.405 Collinson, Fort Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.44 Colvile House Alberta Alberta
B.265 Colvile Landing Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.266 Coocoocache Québec Southern Québec
B.47 Cowlitz Farm (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.267 Cree Lake Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.268 Cross Lake (aka Aplsey House) Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.269 Cross Portage Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.48 Cul-de-Sac Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.49 Cumberland House Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.50 Dalles Ontario Western Ontario
B.52 Davis Inlet Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.270 Dease Lake (Laketon) British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.473 Deer Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.271 Deloraine Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.272 Desert Québec Southern Québec
B.406 Diana Bay Québec Northern Québec
B.273 Dinorwic Ontario Western Ontario
B.275 Dog Head Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.53 Doubtful Post (aka Manitoba House) Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.54 Duck Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.276 Duck Lake (Saskatchewan) Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.55 Duck Portage Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.407 Dundas Harbour Nunavut Nunavut
B.56 Dunvegan Alberta Alberta
B.57 Eagle Lake (Albany River) Ontario Western Ontario
B.277 Eagle Lake (Lac La Pluie) Ontario Western Ontario
B.58 Eagle Nest Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.59 Eastmain Québec Northern Québec
B.60 Edmonton Alberta Alberta
B.61 Egg Lake (Churchill River) Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.62 Egg Lake (Swan River) Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.375 English River Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.64 Escabitchewan Ontario Western Ontario
B.408 Eskimo Point Nunavut Nunavut
B.65 Esquimalt British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.409 Factory River Québec Northern Québec
B.278 Fairford Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.66 Fairford House Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.67 Finlay River British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.279 Fisher River Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.68 Flamborough House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.69 Flathead (MT) United States Northwest United States
B.71 Fly Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.70 Flying Post Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.72 Fond du Lac Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.2 Fort a- La Corne Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.4 Fort Alexander Manitoba Southern Manitoba (Not on map)
B.5 Fort Alexandria British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.6 Fort Anderson Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.8 Fort Assiniboine Alberta Alberta
B.394 Fort Brabant Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.38 Fort Chimo (aka Fort Good Hope, Kuujjuaq) Québec Northern Québec
B.39 Fort Chipewyan Alberta Alberta
B.42 Fort Churchill (aka Fort Prince of Wales) Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.45 Fort Colvile (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.46 Fort Coulonge Québec Southern Québec
B.51 Fort Dauphin Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.63 Fort Ellice Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.77 Fort George (aka Big River, Great River, Shayseppy, Keeshay) Québec Northern Québec
B.76 Fort George (Columbia River) (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.280 Fort George (New Caledonia) British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.80 Fort Good Hope (aka Fort Charles) Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.85 Fort Halkett British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.417 Fort Hearne Nunavut Nunavut
B.418 Fort Hebron Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.291 Fort Hope Ontario Western Ontario
B.292 Fort Hope (Victoria) British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.112 Fort Lampson Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.113 Fort Langley British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.116 Fort Liard Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.306 Fort MacLeod Alberta Alberta
B.305 Fort McKay Alberta Alberta
B.436 Fort McKenzie Québec Northern Québec
B.120 Fort McLoughlin British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.307 Fort McMurray Alberta Alberta
B.139 Fort Nascopie Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.320 Fort Nelson British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.146 Fort Nez Perces (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.152 Fort Norman Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.159 Fort Pelly Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.165 Fort Pitt Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.333 Fort Providence Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.334 Fort Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.172 Fort Rae Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.180 Fort Reliance Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.181 Fort Resolution Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.182 Fort Richmond Québec Northern Québec
B.474 Fort Ross Nunavut Nunavut
B.185 Fort Rupert British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.195 Fort Seaborn (aka Nelson River House, Nelson House) Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.200 Fort Simpson Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.201 Fort Simpson (Nass) British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.348 Fort Smith Alberta Alberta (Not on map)
B.348 Fort Smith Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.188 Fort St. James British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.189 Fort St. John British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.190 Fort St. Mary Alberta Alberta
B.219 Fort Trial (George River) Québec Northern Québec
B.374 Fort Trial (Labrador Coast) Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.223 Fort Vancouver (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.224 Fort Vermilion (Peace River) Alberta Alberta
B.225 Fort Vermilion (Saskatchewan River) Alberta Alberta
B.226 Fort Victoria British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.232 Fort William (aka Red River House, Red River) Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.370 Fort Wrigley Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.240 Fort Yukon (AK) United States Alaska
B.73 Frances Lake Yukon Territory Yukon Territory
B.74 Fraser Lake British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.75 Frederick House Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.410 Frenchman's Island Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.411 Frobisher Bay Nunavut Nunavut
B.281 Georges River Québec Northern Québec
B.412 Ghost River Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.413 Gillam Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.414 Gisipigimack Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.282 Glenora British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.78 Gloucester House Ontario Western Ontario
B.79 Godbout (aka Goodbot, Goudbou) Québec Southern Québec
B.283 God's Lake Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.415 Gogama Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.81 Gordon House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.479 Grady Harbour Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.284 Grand Forks (ND) United States North Dakota
B.285 Grand Rapids Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.286 Grande Prairie Alberta Alberta
B.82 Grand-Lac (aka Grand Lake Victoria, Grand Lake) Québec Southern Québec
B.83 Granville House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.287 Grassy Narrows Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.498 Grassy Narrows Ontario Western Ontario
B.372 Great Whale River Québec Northern Québec
B.84 Green Lake (English River) Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.288 Green Lake (Lake Huron) Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.289 Hay River Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.290 Hazelton British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.86 Henley House Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.419 Herschel Island Yukon Territory Yukon Territory
B.420 Hopedale Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.421 Hudson Ontario Western Ontario
B.293 Hudson Hope British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.87 Hudson House Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.88 Hulse House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.294 Hungry Hall Ontario Western Ontario
B.422 Igloolik Nunavut Nunavut
B.89 Île-a--la-Crosse Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.90 Île-Jeremie (aka Isle de Jeremie, Jeremie's Post) Québec Southern Québec
B.91 Indian Lake Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.444 Island Falls Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.423 Island Falls (Superior/Huron) Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.92 Island House Alberta Alberta
B.93 Island Lake Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.94 Jasper House Alberta Alberta
B.424 Kagainagami Ontario Western Ontario
B.95 Kaipokok Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador (Not on map)
B.96 Kakabonga (aka Barric(re)) Québec South Québec (Not on map)
B.97 Kamloops British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.496 Kanaaupscow Québec Northern Québec
B.98 Kaniapiskau Québec Northern Québec
B.425 Kapisko Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.295 Keewatin Ontario Western Ontario
B.99 Kenogamissi Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.426 Kent Peninsula (Western Arctic) Nunavut Nunavut
B.100 Kickendatch (aka Kakandotch) Québec Southern Québec
B.427 King William Island Nunavut Nunavut
B.428 Kittegazuit Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.101 Knee Lake Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.429 Kugaryuak Nunavut Nunavut
B.109 La Cloche Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.483 La Loutre Québec Southern Québec
B.114 La Pierre's House Yukon Territory Yukon Territory
B.432 La Sarre Québec Southern Québec
B.102 Lac des Allumettes (aka Fort William) Québec Southern Québec
B.103 Lac du Bonnet Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.296 Lac du Brochet Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.104 Lac La Biche Alberta Alberta
B.105 Lac La Pluie Ontario Western Ontario
B.106 Lac La Ronge Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.107 Lac Seul Ontario Western Ontario
B.297 Lac Ste. Anne Alberta Alberta
B.108 Lac Travers (SD) United States South Dakota
B.298 Lake Assiniboine Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.9 Lake Athabasca Alberta Alberta
B.10 Lake Attawapiskat Ontario Western Ontario
B.430 Lake Harbour Nunavut Nunavut
B.110 Lake of Two Mountains (aka Lac des Deux Montagnes) Québec Southern Québec
B.111 Lake St. John Québec Southern Québec
B.431 Lansdowne House Ontario Western Ontario
B.433 Leaf River Québec Northern Québec
B.115 Lesser Slave Lake Alberta Alberta
B.502 Lethbridge Alberta Alberta
B.435 Letty Harbour Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.299 Liard British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.300 Lindsay Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.301 Little Bear Lake British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.373 Little Whale River Québec Northern Québec
B.117 Long Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.302 Long Portage Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.118 Loon River Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.303 Lower Fort Garry Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.437 Makkovik Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.121 Manchester House Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.122 Manitoba Lake House Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.308 Manitou Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.438 Mansel Island Nunavut Nunavut
B.309 Manuan (Manowan) Québec Southern Québec
B.123 Martin Fall Ontario Western Ontario
B.310 Massett British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.311 Matachewan Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.124 Matawagamingue (aka Mattagami, See Matawagamingue and Michipicoten) Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.312 Mattawa Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.439 Mattice Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.304 McDame Creek British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.119 McLeod Lake British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.125 Merry's House Ontario East Ontario(Not on map)
B.126 Mesackamy Lake Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.127 Mesaugamee Lake Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.128 Michikamau House Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.129 Michipicoten Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.130 Migiskan (aka Metchiskun, Michiskum Post) Québec Southern Québec
B.131 Miminiska Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.440 Minaki Ontario Western Ontario
B.132 Mingan (aka Mingan Seigniory) Québec Southern Québec
B.497 Mingan Fur Farm Québec Southern Québec
B.313 Missanabie Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.314 Missinaibi Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.315 Mississagi Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.133 Mistassinni (aka Maison des Dorvals, Chebmonkoue) Québec Southern Québec
B.316 Montizambert Ontario Western Ontario
B.134 Montréal Québec Southern Québec
B.317 Montreal Lake Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.135 Moose Factory Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.318 Moose Lake Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.441 Moosonee Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.319 Morden Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.136 Muskwaro Québec Southern Québec
B.442 Mutton Bay Québec Northern Québec
B.137 Nabisipi Québec Southern Québec
B.138 Nachvak Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.443 Nain Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.140 Natashkwan (aka Natashquan, Nontascouanne) Québec Southern Québec
B.141 Nelson House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.142 Nemiskau (aka Nemiska) Québec Northern Québec
B.143 Neoskweskau Québec Northern Québec
B.144 Nescutia (aka Nescotia, Nishkotea) Québec Southern Québec
B.145 New Brunswick House Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.321 New Post Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.147 Nichikum Québec Northern Québec
B.148 Nipawin Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.149 Nipigon House Ontario Western Ontario
B.150 Nipissing Lake Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.151 Nisqually (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.445 Nonala Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.153 North West River Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.154 Norway House Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.447 Nueltin House Nunavut Nunavut
B.448 Nutak Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.322 Oak Point Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.449 Obijuan Québec Southern Québec
B.450 Ogoki Ontario Western Ontario
B.451 Okak Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.323 Onion Lake Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.501 Orillia Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.452 Oskelaneo Québec Southern Québec
B.155 Osnaburgh House Ontario Western Ontario
B.156 Oxford House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.453 Padley Nunavut Nunavut
B.454 Pagwa River Ontario Western Ontario
B.455 Pangnirtung Nunavut Nunavut
B.456 Pangnirtung Fox Farm Nunavut Nunavut
B.457 Pas Mountain Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.324 Pas Post (Fort Defiance) Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.458 Payne Bay Québec Northern Québec
B.325 Peace River Crossing Alberta Alberta
B.157 Peel River (Ft. McPherson) Northwest Territories Northwest Territories
B.460 Pekangekum Ontario Western Ontario
B.158 Pelican Lake Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.160 Pembina (ND) United States North Dakota
B.500 Peribonka Québec Southern Québec
B.461 Perry River Nunavut Nunavut
B.161 Petaigan River Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.462 Peterbell Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.162 Pic Ontario Western Ontario
B.163 Pike Lake Québec Southern Québec
B.326 Pincher Creek Alberta Alberta
B.327 Pine Creek Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.164 Pine Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.328 Pine Portage Ontario Western Ontario
B.463 Pine Ridge Ontario Western Ontario
B.464 Pine River Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.329 Pointe-Bleue Québec Southern Québec
B.465 Ponds Inlet Nunavut Nunavut
B.330 Poplar Point Manitoba Southern Manitoba (Not on map)
B.331 Poplar River Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.466 Port Burwell Nunavut Nunavut
B.467 Port Harrison Québec Northern Québec
B.416 Port Harrison Fox Farm Québec Northern Québec
B.166 Portage de l'Île Manitoba Southern Manitoba (Not on map)
B.167 Portage La Loche Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.168 Portage la Prairie Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.169 Portland House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.468 Povungnituk Bay Québec Northern Québec
B.332 Prince Albert Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.469 Pukatawagan Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.170 Québec Québec Southern Québec
B.171 Quesnel British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.173 Rampart House Yukon Territory Yukon Territory
B.174 Rapid River Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.175 Rat Portage Ontario Western Ontario
B.470 Read Island Nunavut Nunavut
B.176 Red Deer River Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.177 Red Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.335 Red River Alberta Alberta
B.336 Red Rock Ontario Western Ontario
B.178 Reed Lake Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.179 Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.472 Repulse Bay Nunavut Nunavut
B.337 Riding Mountain Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.183 Rigolet Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.184 Rocky Mountain House Alberta Alberta
B.338 Romaine Québec Southern Québec
B.339 Rossville Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.186 Rupert House Québec Northern Québec
B.187 Rush Lake Québec Southern Québec
B.341 San Francisco (CA) United States California
B.191 Sandwich Islands (Honolulu) (HI) United States Hawaii
B.192 Sandy Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.342 Sandy Lake Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.193 Sandy Narrows Ontario Western Ontario
B.194 Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.343 Savanne Ontario Western Ontario
B.196 Selkirk, Fort Yukon Territory Yukon Territory
B.478 Senneterre Québec Southern Québec
B.197 Setting River Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.344 Seven Islands Québec Southern Québec
B.198 Severn Ontario Western Ontario
B.199 Shell River Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.345 Shell River (English River) Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.434 Shingle Point Yukon Territory Yukon Territory
B.346 Shoal Lake Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.347 Shoal River Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.480 Sioux Lookout Ontario Western Ontario
B.202 Snake Country (ID/OR/MT) United States Northwest United States
B.203 Somerset House (aka Tilberry House, Marlborough House, Swan River) Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.204 Somerset House (Turtle Creek) Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.349 Souris River Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.205 South Branch House Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.482 South Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.206 South River House Québec Northern Québec
B.481 Southampton Island Nunavut Nunavut
B.350 Spirit River Ranch Alberta Alberta
B.207 Split Lake House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.208 Spokane (WA) United States Northwest United States
B.475 St. Anthony Mines Ontario Western Ontario
B.340 St. Augustine Québec Northern Québec
B.476 St. John's Agency Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland
B.209 Stikine (AK) United States Alaska
B.352 Stony Creek British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.484 Stupart's Bay Québec Northern Québec
B.210 Sturgeon Creek Saskatchewan Northern Saskatchewan
B.211 Sturgeon Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.353 Sturgeon Lake (Peace River) Alberta Alberta
B.354 Sturgeon River (aka Shamattawa) Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.355 Sudbury Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.485 Sugluk East Québec Northern Québec
B.486 Sugluk West Québec Northern Québec
B.212 Swampy Lake Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.213 Swan River Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.214 Tadoussac Québec Southern Québec
B.487 Tavane Nunavut Nunavut
B.488 Temagami Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.215 Temiskamay Québec Northern Québec
B.356 Teslin Post British Columbia Northern British Columbia
B.216 Three Rivers Québec Southern Québec
B.217 Thunder Lake Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.218 Timiskaming Québec Southern Québec
B.357 Touchwood Hills Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.489 Tree River Nunavut Nunavut
B.220 Trout Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.358 Trout Lake (Peace River) Alberta Alberta
B.221 Trout Lake (Timiskaming) Québec Southern Québec
B.222 Turtle Lake Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.490 U-Y Outpost Québec Northern Québec
B.359 Vancouver British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.360 Victoria Alberta Alberta
B.491 Wabowden Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.492 Wager Inlet Nunavut Nunavut
B.227 Waswanipi Québec North Québec (Not on map)
B.361 Waterhen River Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.493 Weenusk Ontario Western Ontario
B.228 Wegg's House Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.229 Wepiskow Lake Manitoba Northern Manitoba
B.362 West Lynne Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.230 Weymontachingue Québec Southern Québec
B.499 Whale River Québec Northern Québec
B.363 White Dog Ontario Western Ontario
B.366 White River Ontario Western Ontario
B.364 Whitefish Lake (Lake Huron) Ontario Eastern Ontario
B.365 Whitefish Lake (Peace River) Alberta Alberta
B.376 Whitewood Saskatchewan Southern Saskatchewan
B.231 William, Fort (and Pt. Meuron) Ontario Western Ontario
B.233 Windsor House Québec Southern Québec
B.234 Winisk River Ontario Western Ontario
B.235 Winnipeg (aka Fort Garry) Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.236 Winnipeg Lake Manitoba Southern Manitoba
B.367 Winnipegosis Manitoba Central Manitoba
B.237 Winokapau Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador
B.377 Wire Lake Ontario Western Ontario
B.368 Wolstenholme Québec Northern Québec
B.369 Wrangell (AK) United States Alaska
B.238 Yale British Columbia Southern British Columbia
B.239 York Factory Manitoba Northern Manitoba