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All employees have an important role in ensuring that members of the Manitoba public service conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity, responsibility, and accountability to colleagues, the Manitoba public service, and the people of Manitoba. The Manitoba government takes allegations of inappropriate conduct by employees very seriously. It has implemented clear processes and procedures to investigate allegations in a manner that is impartial, objective, and consistent with applicable collective agreements, legislation, and policies.  

How Employee & Labour Relations Staff Assist 

The Employee & Labour Relations Branch includes a team of Investigators who form the Investigations Unit (IU) and serve as internal third-party reviewers.  The IU supports the timely and fair investigation of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Manitoba public service employees. The IU may lead or participate in investigations depending on their complexity and sensitivity. 

The IU reviews all inappropriate conduct complaints and triages the complaint as required (ex. assigning HR to investigate, leading the investigation, or taking non-investigation action). 

Policy/Legislation (Authority)

Collective Agreements contain provisions relating to investigations that both employers and unionized employees must follow during the investigation process (ex. Manitoba Government Employees' Master Agreement Article 17).

Code of Conduct - Part B: The Code in Practice outlines processes related to reporting violations by employees, management, and HR, and the steps to undertake an investigation.

Public Service Commission Policies contains all policies related to Respectful Workplaces and Employee Conduct, and Justice and Dignity. 

The Workplace Safety and Health Act and the Manitoba Human Rights Code - both the Act and Code requires investigations conducted at the workplace.

Top Manitoba Public Service Employee Questions

Examples of inappropriate conduct in the workplace include:

  • disrespectful behaviour 
  • harassment 
  • retaliation 
  • substance abuse 
  • misconduct 
  • discrimination 
  • workplace violence 
  • theft 
  • fraud 
  • other policy violations 

If you are aware of an incident of inappropriate conduct, you should contact the appropriate Department manager as soon as possible.  Manitoba Government Inquiry can assist in identifying the appropriate contact at, or, you can submit an online complaint form. All online submissions are subject to the IU's initial review and its determining of the next steps. Depending on the nature of allegations reported, the IU may deem it is appropriate to proceed with a formal investigation.

If an investigation is required, an investigation team is assigned to gather and examine all the relevant facts regarding the issue. This will usually include conducting interviews with individuals that are relevant to the case, including the complainant, witnesses and the respondent, and reviewing relevant documents. After the necessary evidence has been gathered, the team assesses the evidence, makes findings of fact and determines whether the findings support or refute the allegations or concerns that prompted or were subsequently identified during the course of the investigation.

An investigation will follow applicable collective agreement procedures. A union member has the right to representation during an interview that the employee believes might result in disciplinary action, but can request union representation regardless of the role they serve within the investigation.

If the decision is to proceed, an investigation team is created to conduct the investigation. The investigation team is typically comprised of two people, and may include a Human Resource Representative, a Respectful Workplace Consultant, the department manager, and/or members of the IU.

Once an investigation has concluded, the investigators will report on the findings and conclusions to the appropriate decision-makers and share the findings with both the complainant and the respondent

All external complaints are treated as an internal HR matter and in those circumstances, the investigation team does not share the findings with the complainant.

No. Many issues may be addressed within the work unit or with other supports, without the need for a formal investigation. The Respectful Workplace Policy lists some common informal resolution options available to employees.

If an employee is spoken to about a minor concern and the behavior continues, it may constitute inappropriate conduct and result in a formal investigation. 

Counselling support for Manitoba public service employees and their immediate family members is available through the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). Further information is available online, through management, HR, your union or by contacting EFAP directly at 204-945-5786 (Winnipeg) or toll free at 1-866-669-4916 (Toll Free) or via email at 

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