Workforce Relations

Classification Program

The Government of Manitoba's classification program consists of a variety of classification systems/plans. The primary system used is a combination of the factor comparison and grade description methods of classification. A point rating method is also used for certain series.

Jobs are first classified according to the kind of work, key factors are then identified and factor grade descriptions (class specifications) are written. The use of class specifications to define the kind and level of work for similar types of jobs is the basis of the classification system used by the Government of Manitoba.

The class specifications are the principal determining tool used to classify jobs. They are considered the standard and are expected to remain relatively unchanged over the passage of time. In cases where classification specifications do not exist, whole job comparator analysis is used as a method of ranking.


Classification Modernization

We are currently undertaking an initiative to modernize our classification system.

The new classification structure will see the current 683 individual classifications grouped into broader and deeper Job Families with corresponding Sub Families. The classification modernization initiative will also include implementation of a new job evaluation tool, which will be used to classify all Public Service positions (including management level).

For general information please call 204-945-8065. Additional information is accessible to employees only at this time on the dedicated intranet site.