Workforce Relations

Classification Plan

Class: A group of positions having similar characteristics, requiring similar general abilities and qualifications, and being designated by a common title (i.e. Clerk 3, Resource Officer 3).

Class Series: One or more classes performing the same kind of work, with each class differing as to level ( i.e. Clerk 1-2, 3, 4 and 5 make up the Clerical Series)

Class Specifications: A descriptive standard used to define an individual class. The description of work performed can either be in the narrative or factor specific format. The class specification provides information to identify the kind and level of work performed by describing the predominate factors that are used to allocate positions to a class.

Positions in any series are assigned the classification by matching the job to the intent of the series. The most appropriate level is determined by comparing the whole job with the intent and characteristic responsibilities of each level. The typical duties listed are intended to clarify and support the general intent of the series and class level and should not be used in assigning a position to a class level. Contact your Human Resources Branch to determine the general intent of a series or classification level.