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Manitoba government departments are implementing a vision of the future for the Manitoba public service where public servants place innovation at the centre of their work to deliver improved outcomes for Manitobans. This impacts traditional ways of organizing work and teams. Examples include, but are not limited to: reorganizing departments and/or divisions, changing work headquarters, transferring a service to another public service entity, and contracting out work.

How Employee & Labour Relations Assists

The Employee & Labour Relations Branch includes a team of Labour Relations Advisors who specialize in workforce change initiatives and can assist human resources and Manitoba government department leaders to plan and implement workforce changes, ensuring all Workforce Relations requirements are met.

Policy/Legislation (Authority)

Requirements may vary depending on the nature and complexities of the project. In general, Labour Relations Advisors help to ensure changes are made in accordance with applicable collective agreements, legislation and regulations.

Top Manitoba Public Service Employee Questions

For smaller or more straightforward workforce changes, Manitoba government departments may discuss the proposed change with human resources. For larger and more complex workforce changes, the department or human resources should engage a LRA during the initial planning stages of a workforce change and ideally before approvals for the change are received. Involving a LRA early on enables the completion of a detailed analysis of the change (Employee Impact Analysis) that can communicate options, rules/legislation, and other important considerations helpful for decision makers.

See the Workforce Change Fact Sheet listed under Additional Resources and Training for further information about the role of a LRA and how they can assist.

Manitoba government departments seeking further information about workforce changes and initial planning may view the short video presentation below (less than 16 minutes) and presentation handout.

Additional Resources and Training

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