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Updates to the Manitoba Mineral Deposits Database, east-central and northwestern Manitoba (NTS 53E, F, 64J, K, N, O)
by M.L. Rinne
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2021019 is supplementary to this report, but has been superseded by GeoFile 5.

Results of a preliminary investigation into the lithium mineralization, distribution trends and remobilization in the Tanco pegmatite, southeastern Manitoba (part of NTS 52L6)
by C.M. Breasley, T. Martins, L.A. Groat and R.L. Linnen

Collection of samples for high-resolution detrital-zircon geochronology and lithogeochemistry in the Thompson nickel belt, central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63O8, 9, 63P12)
by C.G. Couëslan
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2021017 is supplementary to this report. (Microsoft® Excel® file)

Results of bedrock geological mapping in the Stuart Bay–Chickadee Lake area (east of Wekusko Lake), north-central Manitoba (parts of NTS 63J12, 13)
by K.D. Reid
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2022002 is supplementary to this report. (Microsoft® Excel® file)

Bedrock mapping at Ralph Lake, Lynn Lake greenstone belt, northwestern Manitoba (part of NTS 64C14): preliminary results and geological implications
by X.M. Yang
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2021021 is supplementary to this report. (Microsoft® Excel® file)

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Identifying Late Cretaceous vertebrate fossil collection biases, southwestern Manitoba and east-central Saskatchewan
by A.A. Kilmury, M.P.B. Nicolas and K.S. Brink

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Quaternary stratigraphic and depth to bedrock data compilation for northeastern Manitoba
by T.J. Hodder and M.S. Gauthier

Stratigraphic, paleoenvironmental and geochronological investigations of intertill nonglacial deposits in northeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 54B–F, K, L, 64A, H, I)
by M.S. Gauthier, T.J. Hodder, O.B. Lian, S.A. Finkelstein, A.S. Dalton and R.C. Paulen

Kimberlite-indicator-mineral results from till sampled in the Machichi–Kettle rivers area, far northeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 54A–C)
by T.J. Hodder and M.S. Gauthier
MGS Data Repository Item DRI2021018 is supplementary to this report. (Microsoft® Excel® file)

Quaternary stratigraphy in the Churchill–Little Churchill rivers area, northeastern Manitoba (part of NTS 54E)
by T.J. Hodder and M.S. Gauthier

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