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Assessment Information

Now available on-line, see GIS Map Gallery

Manitoba assessment reports are the primary and most current source of detailed exploration data available to the public. The reports become available to the public three years after submission (five years for airborne work).

The Manitoba non-confidential assessment report collection consists of over 9,200 reports of work dating from the 1930s. This collection is held and maintained by the:

Mines Branch
360-1395 Ellice Ave.
Winnipeg MB Canada
R3G 3P2
Phone: 204-945-1119
Fax: 204-948-2578
Email: mines_br@gov.mb.ca

Reports can be viewed on the GIS Map Gallery using the Assessment Search function in iMaQs, or at the Mines Branch where Assessment Library copies may be purchased during regular office hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday).

Scanned copies of maps in PDF format can be obtained from the Winnipeg office as well as CDs, paper copies or diazo duplicates of microfiche of non-confidential reports.

The Winnipeg office also maintains the confidential assessment report files. These reports may be made available to the public only upon written consent of the holder of the mineral disposition.


Reproduction Charges

CDs: Regular, $5.00; customized search, $20.00.
Photocopy of any page size document: $0.25 per page.
Print or digitization of any map at cost of reproduction.
Microfiche at cost of diazo duplication.

Scanned maps in PDF format can be obtained upon request. The first customer to request a paper copy of a map will be charged half the cost of the autopositive required for reproduction if none exists; the other half of the cost will be borne by the Mines Branch. The autopositive will remain in the assessment file for future use.

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