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Manitoba assessment reports are the primary and most current source of detailed exploration data available to the public. The reports become available to the public three years after submission (five years for airborne work). The Manitoba non-confidential assessment report collection consists of nearly 10,000 reports of work dating from the 1930s. This collection is held and maintained by the provincial Assessment Geologist.

Reports can be viewed using the Integrated Mining and Quarrying System (iMaQs), through the GIS Map Gallery using the Assessment Search function, or at the Mines Branch office where Assessment Library copies may be purchased during regular office hours by appointment only (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday). Scanned copies of maps in PDF format can be obtained by request. The Winnipeg office also maintains the confidential assessment report files. These reports may be made available to the public only upon written consent of the holder of the mineral disposition.

Assessment work refers to the exploration activities that must be conducted annually on mineral dispositions to keep dispositions in good standing and maintain the ability to conduct exploration activities. The Mines and Minerals Act requires that a recorded claim holder must submit a technical assessment report with the Mines Branch that pertains to exploration and development activities that have been conducted. Specifications regarding the content and format of a technical assessment report are detailed in the Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation, in particular Schedule B of that Regulation (Required Work and Reports of Required Work).

All reports must include a Title Page, Summary of Work, Work Details, Authors Qualifications, Software Used, and the Statement of Expenditures template that breaks down all associated expenditures. For convenience, an Assessment Report Guideline is provided to assist authors in preparing reports. Please keep in mind that this guideline document is only a summary and authors must reference and adhere to the specifications set out in Schedule B of the Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation.

Assessment work credits

Assessment work costs outlined in the statement of expenditures from assessment reports are converted to assessment work credits. These credits can be assigned to a mining claim and allow you to satisfy the annual units of assessment work that must be performed or reported on a mineral disposition. Credits can be allocated to other dispositions or carried forward to future assessment years if certain conditions are met.


A wide variety of work types are eligible for assessment work and the costs related to those activities are eligible for credits. For information on eligible work categories, please refer to the Assessment Report Guidelines, or for complete details, refer to Schedule B of the Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation.

Other costs and expenses such as certain types of labour costs, contracting fees, food/lodging, equipment rental/transportation, supplies, analyses, and Indigenous consultation may also be eligible for assessment work credits. To confirm work eligibility, please contact the Assessment Geologist who can provide greater detail.

Filing an assessment work report

Assessment work reports are to be submitted digitally through the iMaQs online system. Follow the guide on how to submit a report of work in iMaQs that is available on the iMaQs webpage. Once your assessment report is submitted, the Assessment Geologist will review the report and ensure it is in compliance. If everything meets the requirements, the report will be approved and the client/disposition holder will be informed. Assessment work credits are automatically generated when the report is submitted, therefore it is very important to ensure the statement of expenditures has the correct totals (A statement of expenditure template (excel file) is provided for a recommended format to be followed).               

Please submit your Assessment Report of new exploration work (as a PDF) in addition to any digital data files (spreadsheets, databases, maps, grids, etc.) used or created as part of the work described in the Assessment Report. Reports and data are to be uploaded through iMaQs and if files are too large (10 MB max file size), please provide them to the provincial Assessment Geologist by CD/DVD/USB for submission. Refer to the Manitoba Assessment Report Guidelines or Schedule B of the Mineral Disposition and Mineral Lease Regulation for lists of all data that must be submitted.

If you encounter any issues while using iMaQs, please see the iMaQs tutorial page for assistance on completing various tasks.

Contact us

If you need help with processing your assessment work report in iMaQs or have any assessment work questions, please contact:.

Shaun Gallagher
Assessment and Consultation Geologist
Manitoba Geological Survey
360-1395 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 3P2
Telephone: 204-794-2609
Fax: 204-945-1406
Email: shaun.gallagher@gov.mb.ca

For any questions or concerns regarding dispositions, staking, etc. please contact the Mining Recorder:

Acting Mining Recorder
Mines Branch
360-1395 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 3P2
Telephone: 204-945-1119
Fax: 204-945-8427
Email: mines_br@gov.mb.ca

Materials are available in alternate formats upon request.

Reproduction Charges

  • CDs: Regular, $5.00; customized search, $20.00.
  • Photocopy of any page size document: $0.25 per page.
  • Print or digitization of any map at cost of reproduction.
  • Microfiche at cost of diazo duplication.
  • Scanned maps in PDF format can be obtained upon request.


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