Mines (Regulatory)

Land Access and Sustainable Development

Manitoba's Mineral Strategy


Minerals are indispensable in our daily lives. Nickel, copper and zinc are used in manufacturing cars and home appliances; petroleum is used to make plastic products and to heat our houses; and sand, gravel and limestone are used to build our homes and roadways.

Mining is also a vital part of our economy. Manitoba annually produces in excess of $1 billion worth of mineral products. The challenge is to ensure that our mining industry remains sustainable and environmentally sound.

As part of its vision to achieve sustainable development, the Government of Manitoba has drafted a set of provincial mineral policies. The policies are a combination of public and government input into the management of our province's mineral resources.

The Objectives of Manitoba's Mineral Policies are

  • to ensure the minerals industry conducts its activities in an environmentally sound manner;
  • to ensure environmental management and protection measures consider economic impacts;
  • to ensure human health and safety are protected throughout the activities of the mineral industry;
  • to ensure access to and wise use of mineral resources in a manner which optimizes the long-term social, environmental and economic benefits and opportunities for Manitobans;
  • to improve understanding of inter-relationships among geology, mineral resources, the industry, the environment, human health and the economy.

The Job of Meeting these Objectives Belongs to Everyone.

Government agencies must work in partnership with rural municipalities, local government districts, private organizations, developers, businesses and the general public.

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