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Weekly Well Activity Report

Manitoba Petroleum Royalties and Taxes

  • See Petroleum Fiscal Regime
    A general information guide relating to provincial incentive programs, Crown oil royalties, freehold oil taxes.

Oil and Salt Water Spills in Manitoba Oil Fields and Agriculture

  • A joint publication produced for the Manitoba Department of Agriculture Series Soils Facts (Ag.dex No.: 580) (1988)

Land Tenure

  • Available on our site located at Manitoba Land Administration and Tenure
    Discusses mineral ownership and the system in place for the leasing of Crown owned oil and natural gas rights in Manitoba.

Well Production Histories and Selected Pool Production Histories

  • Please see our Digital Information and Historical Production Reports
    Individual well histories and selected pool histories, tabular or plot form, which provide daily and monthly oil and water volumes, water-oil ratios and cumulative oil and water volumes.

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