Standard Guardrail Drawings

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Parts – Drawings and Specifications

Part Number (Drawing) Name (Specification)
TFBB01 Guardrail Bolt and Nut
TFBB02-03 Guardrail Bolt and Nut
TFBB04-05 Guardrail Bolt and Nut
TFBH04 Shouldered Cable Hook Bolt and Nut
TFBX12a Hex Bolt and Nut 
TFBX16a Hex Bolt and Nut 
TFCA01 BCT Anchor Assembly
TFMM01 Cable Wedge
TFMM02 BCT Post Sleeve
TFMM99 Eccentric Loader Head
TFNS20 Square Nut
TFNX20a Hex Nut
TFNX20b Hex Nut
TFNX24a Hex Nut
TFPA01 Guardrail Anchor Bracket
TFPA02 Cable Guardrail Anchor Bracket
TFPA03 Cable Guardrail Intermediate Anchor Plate
TFPA04 3 Cable to W Beam Transition Bracket
TFPA05 Cable Guardrail Intermediate Anchor Bracket
TFPB01 BCT Bearing Plate
TFPP02 Shelf Angle Bracket
TFRH20a Hooked Anchor Stud and Nut
TFRS20a Straight Anchor Stud and Nuts
TFWC12a-20a Plain Round Washer
TFWC16a-24a Plain Round Washer
TFWR03 Rectangular Guardrail Plate Washer
TFWR10 Cable Guardrail Slip Base Post Washer
TPDB01 Timber Blockout
TPDB02 Timber Blockout
TPDE02 Timber Guardrail Post
TPDE05 Timber Guardrail Post
TPDE07 Timber Guardrail Post
TPDE09 CRT Timber Post
TPDF01 BCT Timber Post
TPFP01 Strut and Yoke Assembly
TPOF03 Cable Guardrail Terminal Anchor Assembly
TPOF05 Cable Guardrail Intermediate Anchor Assembly
TPLS01 Weak Post Soil Plate
TPLS03 Foundation Tube Soil Plate
TPSE01 Cable Guardrail Post & Welded Soil Plate
TPSE06 Cable Guardrail Anchor Post
TPTE05 Foundation Tube
TRCE01 Compensating Cable End Assembly
TRCE02 Cable Guardrail Splice Assembly
TRCE03 Cable End Fitting
TRCM01 Wire Rope
TREE01 MELT Diaphragm Plate
TRTE01b Thrie Beam TerminalConnector
TRTE05a Thrie Beam End Section(Flared)
TRTM04a 4-Space Thrie Beam Guardrail
TRWE01a W-Beam End Section (Flared)
TRWE02a W-Beam MELT Buffered End Connector
TRWE02b W Beam Terminal Connector
TRWE04a MELT Buffered End Section
TRWM02a 2-Space W-Beam Guardrail
TRWM14a MELT Terminal Rail Section
TRWM24a Long 2 – Space W Beam Guardrail
TRWT01a W to Thrie Beam Transition Section