Report of Activities 2001

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Chapters by Areas:

Flin Flon - Snow Lake
Thompson Nickel Belt, Superior Boundary Zone, Fox River Belt
Lynn Lake
Northern Superior
Southeast Manitoba
Southern Manitoba
Manitoba General

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Flin Flon - Snow Lake

GS-01 (.pdf 1415 KB)
Flin Flon Targeted Geoscience Initiative
by A.G. Galley and A.H. Bailes

GS-02 (.pdf 4704 KB)
Geology of the Wabishkok Lake Area (Parts of NTS 63K/13NE and /14NW)
by H. P. Gilbert

GS-3 (.pdf 1554 KB)
Josland Lake Sills: U-Pb Age and Tectonostratigraphic Implications (Parts of NTS 63K and 63N)
by H.V. Zwanzig, A.H. Bailes and Ch.O. Böhm

GS-4 (.pdf 5208KB)
Platinum-Group Element Investigations in the Flin Flon Greenstone Belt: McBratney Lake Occurrence and Josland Lake Intrusion (Parts of NTS 63K/9, /13)
by P. Theyer

GS-5 (.pdf 1733KB)
Mineral Deposit Studies in the Flin Flon-Snow Lake Area
by G.H. Gale

GS-6 (.pdf 37 KB)
Activities of the Flin Flon Regional Office
by T.H. Heine and D.E. Prouse

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Thompson Nickel Belt, Superior Boundary Zone, Fox River Belt

GS-7 (.pdf 920 KB)
Thompson Nickel Belt Project: Progress Report
by J.J. Macek, H.V. Zwanzig and C.R. McGregor

GS-8 (.pdf 6770 KB)
Superior Boundary Zone-Reindeer Zone Transition in the Pearson Lake-Odei River-Mystery Lake Region (Parts of NTS 63P and 64O)
by H.V. Zwanzig, Ch.O. Böhm and J. Etcheverry

GS-9 (.pdf 701 KB)
Hydration of Pikwitonei Domain Granulite along the East Margin of the Thompson Nickel Belt (Part of NTS 63J/16)
by C.D. Lettley

GS-10 (.pdf 7603 KB)
Pegmatite Remagnetization at about 1.7 Ga in the Southern Thompson Nickel Belt, from Paleomagnetism
by M.J. Harris, D.T.A. Symons, D.C. Peck, W.H. Blackburn and A. Turek

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Lynn Lake

GS-11 (.pdf 2534 KB)
Structural Analysis and Investigations of Shear-hosted Gold Mineralization in the Southern Lynn Lake Greenstone Belt (Parts of NTS 64C/11, /12, /15, /16)
by C.J. Beaumont-Smith, S.D. Anderson and Ch.O. Böhm

GS-12 (.pdf 974 KB)
Structural Analysis of the Pool Lake-Boiley Lake Area, Lynn Lake Greenstone Belt (NTS 64C/11)
by S.D. Anderson and C.J. Beaumont-Smith

GS-13 (.pdf 1316 KB)
Stratigraphic and Structural Mapping of the Agassiz Metallotect near Lynn Lake, Lynn Lake Greenstone Belt (Parts of NTS 64C/14, /15)
by G. Ma and C.J. Beaumont-Smith

GS-14 (.pdf 5800 KB)
Preliminary Results from the Churchill River-Southern Indian Lake Targeted Geoscience Initiative
by D. Corrigan, A. Therriault and N.M. Rayner

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Northern Superior

GS-15 (.pdf 3474 KB)
Multimedia Geochemical and Mineralogical Surveys, Northern Knee Lake-Fish Lake Greenstone Belt, Northern Superior Province (NTS 53M/1, 53M/8, 53N/3, 53N/4 and 53N/5)
by M.A.F. Fedikow and E. Nielsen

GS-16 (.pdf 847 KB)
Deformation History of the Central Cross Lake Shear Zone, Northwestern Superior Province (Part of NTS 63I/12)
by T. Dai, D. Jiang and M.T. Corkery

GS-17 (.pdf 1410 KB)
Geology and Geochronology of the Island Lake Greenstone Belt, Northwestern Superior Province
by J. Parks , S. Lin, M.T. Corkery and D.W. Davis

GS-18 (.pdf 948 KB)
Quaternary Stratigraphy, Till Provenance and Kimberlite Indicator-Mineral Surveys along the Lower Hayes River
by E. Nielsen

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Southeast Manitoba

GS-19 (.pdf 4585 KB)
Stratigraphy, Geology and Mineralization of Selected Parts of the Page Property, Bird River Sill (Part of NTS 52L/5)
by P. Theyer, E. Bruni and C. Sundell

GS-20 (.pdf 2677 KB)
Investigation of Precambrian Monadnocks (NTS 62I/1 and 62I/8)
by R.K. Bezys, G.L.D. Matile and G.R. Keller

GS-21 (.pdf 2644 KB)
Phytoremediation of Mine Tailings and Bio-ore Production: Results from a Study on Plant Survival at the Central Manitoba (Au) Minesite (NTS 52L/13)
by S.Renault, E.Sailerova and M.A.F. Fedikow

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Southern Manitoba

GS-22 (.pdf 35 KB)
Manitoba Stratigraphic Database and the Capital Region Study, 2001
by G.G. Conley

GS-23 (.pdf 236 KB)
Construction of a Three-Dimensional Geological Model for the Southern Manitoba Phanerozoic Terrane
by G.L.D. Matile, L.H. Thorleifson, J.D. Bamburak, R.K. Bezys, M.P.B. Nicolas, G.G. Conley, G.R. Keller, and M. Pyne

GS-24 (.pdf 482 KB)
Solution-Collapse Breccia of the Upper Devonian Sagemace Member, Souris River Formation, Winnipegosis Area: Progress Report
by L. Friedrich and N. Chow

GS-25 (.pdf 2,553 KB)
Stratigraphic Investigations and Corehole Drilling Program, 2001
by R.K. Bezys and J.D. Bamburak

GS-26 (.pdf 3,882 KB)
Gravity and Magnetic Profile along The Pas Moraine
by A.T. Surasky, I.T. Hosain and A.J. Letkemen

GS-27 (.pdf 767 KB)
Aggregate Inventories: Churchill Area, Rural Municipality of Grandview and Selected Areas of Special Interest
by H.D. Groom

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Manitoba General

GS-28 (.pdf 43 KB)
Updating Manitoba's Precambrian Drill Core Libraries Inventory
by D.E. Prouse

GS-29 (.pdf 501 KB)
Geoscience Information Services Projects
by P.G. Lenton, L. Chackowsky, M. Pacey and D. Lindal



Publications: Preliminary Maps, Publications released and External Publications (.pdf 35 KB)


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